80 acre contest site - vacant

Wed Feb 28 13:13:01 EST 1996

On the way back from Pittsburgh (the little California one) to Dixon
(the very little California one) via Cal. Hwy 113 (smallest red line one
can discern on map), I noticed a site with a bunch of metal towers and
wires just north of Rio Vista, Ca. (you find it).

I took the side road to go get a closer look and came to a locked gate
next to the sign that said "80 Acres For Sale" with a Bay Area area code
tel. number.

I think this is an old VOA relay site.  It has about fourteen towers on
it - most of which support rhombics?.  A couple of the towers look to be
over 100 feet tall.

There's a building on the site which probably qualifies for a N2RM

This place is kitty corner from N6RO's. - 20 miles?

What an opportunity for one with the resources!!!!

Eric, NV6O
edwoods at pacbell.com

>From Bruce Herrick" <Bruce.Herrick at mixcom.com  Wed Feb 28 21:11:32 1996
From: Bruce Herrick" <Bruce.Herrick at mixcom.com (Bruce Herrick)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:11:32 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Special Keyboards
Message-ID: <199602282111.PAA23702 at mixcom.mixcom.com>

I have a friend to whom computer logging is just a dream.  He has extremely
large hands, and to type accurately on a standard keyboard is a slow and
painstaking process; impossible during a good run.

Does anyone know of a source of custom keyboards, i.e.; one with large(r)
keys?  A split keyboard, such as those "ergonomic" types that are all the
rage, is no help at all.

Can anyone suggest a more appropriate place to post this question?

Please respond to me directly.


Bruce WW1M

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