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Hi Bill,
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>Anyone using the Uni-hat antenna?? How does it compare to Verticals,
>Dipoles, 3/4 wave wire, Inverted V's, L's, etc on 160 Meters???

The Uni-hat is just a top loaded vertical, no more--no less--no magic. It
will work like any top loaded vertical with the same size hat and height. As
a matter of fact, I'd bet money if the skirt wires were removed and the thing
was concverted to a hat loaded vertical with a low loss loading coil near the
top it would work even better!

Folding wires up and down DOES NOT raise the radiation resistance, lower the
losses, or make the antenna quieter. That's all folklore.

BTW, that antenna was NEVER tested at Los Alamos as McCoy said. Los Alamos
does not have an outdoor test range. It was tested at a Hams house in Los
Alamos by a guy that worked at the Lab. That person told me the antenna was
only compared to a GAP, not to a full size vertical.

Physically, it's a very well constructed antenna..one of the best.
Electrically, I'd use a battle ck special or an inverted L.
73 Tom

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From: Bill Fisher  KM9P <km9p at akorn.net> (Bill Fisher KM9P)
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Take your discussions about internet providers to another list please.



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