NAQP Multi-1, 10 Minute Rule

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Mon Jan 22 16:11:16 EST 1996

: For the NAQP Multi-2 catagory, if you were running only one TX, if
: a band change is legal, so long as the "phantom TX" or the "real TX"
: didn't change bands more than once per 10 minutes?
: The logs would look the same as a M/2.
: It essentially would be like a CQWW DX M/S with only one TX.

Yep - that would be just fine.


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.                        
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>From kf3p at (Tyler Stewart)  Mon Jan 22 22:16:42 1996
From: kf3p at (Tyler Stewart) (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:16:42 -0500
Subject: Splices Way Up in the Sky
Message-ID: <199601222216.RAA20463 at>

>It is winter here in New England.  Trudging out to my tower
>without snowshoes causes the tower maintenance man (me) to
>sink into snow above his knees.  The ARRL DX COMPETITION
>(like Field Day, I guess this too is not a contest) is
>coming up long before the warm weather arrives.
>Meanwhile, at the 90 foot level, I have a coax problem.  I
>must chop off some RG-213 and put on a PL-259 connector at
>the cut, to splice in a jumper.
>I know how I'd tackle this problem on the ground, but I'm
>really not sure how to make the best PL-259 connection way
>up in the air.  Dear Contest Reflector Reader:  What would
>you do?
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>                       than small ones, low."

I guess the soldering heat source is what your are concerned about...

ie. you can either bring the coax back down to the ground or...

buy a butane-powered soldering iron.  Master Appliances sells 3 different 
sizes of them and the two larger ones will do the job usually...up there
you might want the biggest one, which has about a 3/8" tip!  These things get
hotter than a 250watt soldering gun...if you cant solder a connector with the
large one, you'll need a torch!  Anyway, they run about 85 to 115 bucks, so
they arent cheap, but it's one of the most useful tools you'll ever buy.
They refill from regular butane refill canisters (for lighters) and have 
built-in starters.  

Any good electronic/electrical distributor should have them.

73, Tyler KF3P

>From Wallace Offutt <woffutt at>  Mon Jan 22 22:56:50 1996
From: Wallace Offutt <woffutt at> (Wallace Offutt)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:56:50 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Help on Wire for Balloon-supported GP for CQWW 160
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960122173842.9266A-100000 at>

At the last minute I have decided to try putting up a balloon-supported
ground plane for the CQWW 160 TEST this weekend.  The guy in 7-land who
sells these antenna kits was hospitalized last week and couldn't get one
in the mail to me in time, so I have to make it myself.  

Can anybody tell me what kind of wire to use?  I'll have to try to
obtain it at local cable and wire outlet.  Dimensions of the vertical
element and the radials would also help if you have them. 

If this antenna works, I may try using it from JA in Feb ARRL DX CW.  Or
would the QRN in a Tokyo suburb be too much? 

Thanks and 73

Hal Offutt K8HVT / 7J1AAI
woffutt at  

>From David Robbins <robbins at>  Tue Jan 23 07:12:36 1996
From: David Robbins <robbins at> (David Robbins)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 23:12:36 -0800
Subject: G3SJX IC775/FT1000MP Review
References: <199601222050.PAA15646 at>
Message-ID: <31048A64.2570 at>

> >Dave G4BUO said:
> >> I know there has been interest on the contest reflector in the review
> >of these rigs ...
> >
> >The TS-870 review in the February 1996 QST addresses the problems that
> >some on this reflector have noted regarding distortion in the presence of
> >strong nearby signals. See the box titled "DSP in the Kenwood TS-870S"
> >by Jon Bloom, KE3Z, on page 75.
> >73
> >Kris AA5UO
> >mraz at
> I've been using an 870 since October, including during several major contests.
> I have yet to experience ANY nearby large signal distortion within any
> digital passband I select (CW or SSB).
> Has anyone else noticed "no problem" with the 870 in this regard?
> ( I do note the QST review failed to uncover some fairly serious nits, such
> as the reverb effect while monitoring tx audio in vox operations, the fairly
> useless auto-notch filter, etc. It's still the best receiver I've used...)
> 73, WD4MUR Johnwe did notice some overload problem until i figured out that the aip (advanced
intercept point) feature should be used when signals are strong.  once we started
using that when there were lots of strong signals we didn't have any other 

i think the auto notch is pretty good on single carriers.  the beat cancel 
feature that notches multiple tones is less effective, but i would expect it
to be since it is an audio dsp feature instead of if feature.

i hadn't noticed the reverb effect on ssb, maybe that depends on use of mic 
equalization features??  i haven't really played with those much yet but 
would expect that they would delay the audio a bit.

all the ops that have used it here on cw say it is the best rig they have 
used on cw.  on ssb it is not as much of an improvement as i had expected, but
it is still better than any other radio i have used on ssb.... and over the 
last 10 years i have had a bunch of them here to play with.

ky1h at   or   robbins at
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>From Pete Hardie <hardie at>  Mon Jan 22 23:16:38 1996
From: Pete Hardie <hardie at> (Pete Hardie)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 17:16:38 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Pointing Yagis in the Wind
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960122171043.6308A-100000 at>

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996 K8DO at wrote:
> >ANYBODY can build a tower or antenna that won't fall down.  It takes a REAL
> >ENGINEER to build one that just barely won't fall down . . .
> Just barely doesn't do it for me....I'll take the tower installation by

I think the point being made is that a well engineered tower will require
the minimum of materials to do the job safely. Anyone can build a tower
that won't fall down but it might require ten times as much steel, which
would then require vast amounts of concrete in the base to hold it up,
which collectively will remove a lot more dollars from your pocket than

73 de Pete
ve5va.qrp at

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