TS930 and RS-232 Control

Ron Stone ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 23:43:34 EST 1996

| Ron Stone, GW3YDX -    EMail ron at gw3ydx.demon.co.uk                 
Unfortunately I havent got one - but surely someone out there with an 
appreciation for this very fine radio has built one. 

All I need is something to follow band changes in contests with the 
radio. It doesnt have to follow CT for spot grabs, as I invariably 
operate single op unassisted. 

This weekend by the way - for the CQ WW 160 - I shall be devoting the 
contest to a mega receiver test. I have my 930S and Omni6. A company 
over here has very kindly agreed to loan me a FT1000MP - fully 
filtered. This will be a good opportunity to evaluate the MP in 
contest conditions. If anyone wants to know results, please Email me. 
In the unlikely event of major interest in my opinion, I'll publish 
for all to see. 


>From Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  Tue Jan 23 01:36:31 1996
From: Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 20:36:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: More Wind
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960122202909.10989A-100000 at Pegasus>

Hello fellow speculators,

W6QHS and others on this channel show me why I intuitively am suspect of 
engineering and math and statistics that tend to PROVE  something.  About 
the wind on the beam question, I add by asking:

"Why doesn't a weather vane turn itself some screwy way in a wind but 
instead points to the wind direction?"

Be sure to give me some math and convuluted additional stuff.  Tnx.

73, K4VUD

Charlie Harpole, Ph. D.               Bands:  160m thru 440; SSB, CW, Pkt.
3100 North Hwy. 426                   Mobile: 80-10m (100 w) & 146 & 440
Geneva, FL  32732-9761                DXer and Contester:  237 confrmd.
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K4VUD is faculty advisor for the University of Central Florida Amateur 
Radio Club and trustee for its call sign, WB4TCW, and repeater, 146.640 
in Orlando, Fla.  Club has 4 hf rigs, and all modes on 2m & 440.

K4VUD is a member of the 4U1UN Radio Readiness Net, SATURN Ring Salvation 
Army emerg. group, Life Member ARRL, and nice guy (except in contests!).

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