COMPARISONS TS930 / 940 (???)

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Mon Jan 22 23:47:01 EST 1996

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I would never change from my TS930 were it not for the lack of RS232.

Has anyone out there done some hard faced CW contest A/B tests with 
these two radios. I hear that the 940 is not nearly as good as the old 
930, but my database on this is very small (just one or two local 
opinions) and I would appreciate more information. 

Seems to me that putting FM on the 940 and changing the roofing IF was 
a change for the worse. 

Any info in response would be most welcome. 


>From flanders at (Jerry Flanders)  Tue Jan 23 02:19:09 1996
From: flanders at (Jerry Flanders) (Jerry Flanders)
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 21:19:09 -0500

Has anyone tried tacking a modern DSP audio filter onto a receiver's
output and then patching the receiver's AGC voltage to a control
voltage derived from the audio output of the DSP filter? This way the
AGC would be controlled only by the sigs making it through the DSP

I hate to use outboard (audio) filters because nearby strong sigs
inside the IF passband can reduce RF gain even though those sigs might
not make it through the audio filter. I don't want to give up AGC.

Seems like this should be do-able by you guys that know which end of
the soldering iron to hold on to.

I hate to buy an expensive DSP filter and then find a major flaw in
the idea.  Any thoughts on this?

Receivers that I might do this to: ICOM 751 (have schematic) and/or
Kenwood R-599D (don't have schematic). Don't have the DSP Filter -

Jerry Flanders W4UKU South Carolina
flanders at

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