Grounding system for a sand dune

Randy Powell ad274 at
Wed Jan 24 00:04:29 EST 1996

I've just finished soldering together 100' of 1/2" copper pipe that lies 
underneath the foundation of my to-be-built garage and adjacent ham shack.
We're pouring in a day or so and I'm having second thoughts about not putting
down some ground rods and tying them into the copper pipe, which will stub
out of the wall behind the operationg position.  I figured ground rods were
unnecessary because I'm 1/2 mile from the beach along the ridge of a hill
with pure and simple sand for soil, as deep as we want to dig, likely down

So what do you think?  Any strong opinions on adding those ground rods?  I
know, couldn't hoit . . . . but any good experiencial or scientific reasons
for adding them.

Thanks, we're pouring Thursday 8 AM.

73, Randy NZ6N
ad274 at

>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at>  Wed Jan 24 09:38:56 1996
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 18:38:56 +0900
Subject: RUFZ Top List 01/23/96
Message-ID: <199601240938.SAA13800 at>

** Our site( had not been email unreachable between 
22utc 01/19/96 and 04utc 01/24/96.

=== International RUFZ - Top List === (last revised Jan, 23th 1996)
total entries: 93                      including Scores by JE1CKA/INTERNET 

   Points   Call  highest CW-PARIS-Speed (* - new, I - Initialspeed)
                  (at Score, (at any other attempt) )
   62098   HA3NU  520
*  60925   HA3OV  520 (567) 
   55353   DF4PA  520
   48907    N8RR  480
   47532    W2UP  446
   47028   S51AY  480       ( I=300 )
   42759  DL2HBX  416
   40582   S57AD  390 (446)
   39510  DL8WAA  416
   37463   DF1LX  390 
   36807  KC5NWX  367       (=KR0Y)
   35317   RA9AA  390 (416) 
   34493   HA1AG  390
   33930   T94EU  367
   32973  CT1BOH  367
*  32088  DL1EFD  367
   32070    K1AR  367
   31943  SM0TXT  347
   31710  DL3DZZ  367
   31688    K1DG  367 
   31665  DL3JAN  367
   31200   DL4MM  367
   31101  JE1JKL  347
   29778    K3WW  347
   28859  JH0KHR  347
*  28361   HA3OU  328 (390)
   27822  DL9GOA  328
   27596   KE2PF  328
   27566   G4BJM  ???
   26980    AD5Q  328
   26120  DL5LYM  347
*  25591  IT9VDQ  328
   24977    K5ZD  312
   24855   T94TU  347
   24785  SM3OJR  328
   24713  DL8LAQ  312
   24267  JH0NZN  312
   23915    N3RS  312
   23813  RA9ATW  312
   23386    KI3L  312
   23021   T94NF  312
   22736    ND3F  376
   22385  IT9XUC  367
   22255    K4XU  297
   22049    KU4J  297 
   21948    KR2Q  284
*  21667   OH2KI  312
   21654   ZS6EZ  297
   21281   KJ4VH  284
   21133  JA0FVU  284
   20744  JE1SPY  312
*  20674  KB0IHM  297
   20576   5B4WN  297
   20571    AD1C  297
   20284  IT9ZGY  306
   19646  RA9AEW  297
   19643   DK8LV  312
   19262   G0SYP  297
   19260   T94NE  297
   19119  SP7NJX  284
   19076    K1IU  271
   18974    K3SA  284
   18940   DJ6WD  284
   18217  DL8DYL  271
   17977   DK5JI  271
   16597  DL1VDL  271 
   16468    K0OD  284
   16352   F5NLY  260
   15846  DL1KBB  250
   15392   DK1WI  250
   15318  RA9ANR  260
   15246   T94TF  250
*  14469  DL7AVE  271
   13926   UA9AR  240
   13821   DK5QN  240
   13255  DL6RDE  240
   13040  RA9ATU  240
   12850  DL1YAW  240
   12631  DL1DSA  260
   12482  DL6ECA  223  (231)
   11632  WA1ZUH  223
   11013   UA9AU  240
   10605    WM1K  215
   10592  T95LIG  231
*  10105  DL2SDS  240
   10096  HB9HFN  215 
    9742  DL8DCY  223
    9097   DK5IF  208  (215)
    8526   DJ3AK  201
    8218   DL7DE  189
    8201  RA9AUC  201
    7356   DJ5KX  201
    6184  DL4JWU  178
    4441   DH4KW  168
*   3169  DL1ELY  111

Where to send the score
 3) Mathias Kolpe,DL4MM, Breitscheidstr. 17, D-01237 Dresden, GERMANY
 4) Tel: +49 -351 223 10 84    Fax:+49 -351 252 63 13
 5) E-Mail to:  je1cka at or 03512231084-0001 at (OK now!)

How to get "RUFZ" CW-callsign-practice-program/contest simulation
 1) search for RUFZ at @IBM in any PR-Mailbox or
    mail a request to DL4MM at DB0TUD.#SAX.DE.EU for personal 7PL-files (8*10k)
 3) EMAIL info-server
    with the command in the body:   #get rufzpack.uue
    if you get the reply, you uudecode the body then rufzpack.exe will be 
    generated. Run "rufzpack" at the DOS prompt, you'll get all RUFZ-files.
 4) free disc from DL4MM (cover handling/mailing costs only) / ask for info

How to use RUFZ for Top-List
 1) use RUFZ version 2.12 or higher at DOS (not under Windows or DOS-Emulat.)
 2) use 50 Calls per attempt
 3) initial speed is up to you !
 4) use original callsign-file

New scores will be issued every tuesday in PR-Mailboxes at @CONTEST
and in DX-Cluster .. 

------- End of forwarded message -------

>From Robert Orehoci <rorehoci at>  Wed Jan 24 10:25:18 1996
From: Robert Orehoci <rorehoci at> (Robert Orehoci)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 11:25:18 +0100 (MET)
Subject: CQ WW 160
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960124111816.18104A-100000 at>

Croatia DX Club will take part in CQ WW 160 CW contest as 9A1A in 
multi op category. We expect that condition will stay as good as
they are. Three new beverage is up and ready for prove. See you.

			73 from 9A3GW, Robert

>From Scott Detloff <ni8l at>  Wed Jan 24 11:30:48 1996
From: Scott Detloff <ni8l at> (Scott Detloff)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 06:30:48 EST
Subject: Material for vertical
Message-ID: <9601241130.AA26872 at>

Hi George,

One other material you may try is 3" aluminuim irrigation tubing.  It comes
in 20'
lengths and can be spliced.   Another cost effective (cheap) way of making the
vertical is with 3" PVC pipe.  I have used this before in a 40' heighth, and
the radials about 10' above the ground.  The wire was then just taped to the
If looks are importaint you can use black ABS, it doesn't stand out as much.
Good luck!

Scott NI8L

>From Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D." <jtw2 at NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV  Wed Jan 24 14:09:00 1996
From: Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D." <jtw2 at NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 09:09:00 EST
Subject: WWW site of interest
Message-ID: <3105BF13 at>

I just came across the THE BATTLE OF THE HAMS
article that originally appeared in Sports Illustrated, June 30, 1958.
I found this to be enjoyable reading.
               73.   and cu from WV in the CQ 160 contest this weekend.
                         Terry,    K3JT

>From Hans Brakob <71111.260 at>  Wed Jan 24 14:51:26 1996
From: Hans Brakob <71111.260 at> (Hans Brakob)
Date: 24 Jan 96 09:51:26 EST
Subject: VIETNAM in CQWW 160 Meter Contest
Message-ID: <960124145126_71111.260_EHM45-1 at CompuServe.COM>

 XV7SW, Rolf, will take part in the CQWW 160 m contest this coming 
 weekend. Since Rolf is confined to one frequency only, 1827 kHz, 
 he cannot observe the recommendation to use the "DX WindoW"
 1830-1835 kHz. So, this will be another entry in Rolf's personal 
 contest category: Single Operator, Single Band, Single Frequency.

 73, de Hans, K0HB


>From Dave Wilson" <Dave.Wilson at  Wed Jan 24 16:07:45 1996
From: Dave Wilson" <Dave.Wilson at (Dave Wilson)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 8:07:45 PST
Subject: CT 9.23
Message-ID: <vines.ON29+uhZ,la at>

Can anyone out there shed light on a problem I'm having with CT 9.23?

I use an IBM PS1 and AR210 TNC for normal packet operations, no problems.When 
I load the CT 9.23 contest program along with the COMTSR1 subroutine I can 
send packet data out but can not display it on the CT screen. I have selected 
the Multi - Multi category to avoid the automatic screen suppression that 
some of the single op categories invoke.

I get no reply wghen I telephone Harvard Radio who are the distributors for 

Any suggestions or advice will be gratefully received.

Many thanks......Dave AA0RS / G3SZA

>From flanders at (Jerry Flanders)  Wed Jan 24 16:49:38 1996
From: flanders at (Jerry Flanders) (Jerry Flanders)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 11:49:38 -0500
Subject: Material for vertical - painting White PVC

>...   Another cost effective (cheap) way of making the
>vertical is with 3" PVC pipe. ...

>If looks are importaint you can use black ABS, it doesn't stand out as much.
>Scott NI8L
I installed lawn irrigation system here with white PVC. Some parts of it

Jerry W4UKU

>From lvn at (Larry Novak)  Wed Jan 24 18:11:43 1996
From: lvn at (Larry Novak) (Larry Novak)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 13:11:43 EST
Subject: Contest DXPedition Registry
Message-ID: <9601241811.AA08405 at>

CQ Contest DXpedition Registery.
Updated January 24, 1996

This is a listing of planned contest Dxpeditions. If you have additions
or corrections, please email to lnovak at or via packet to K3TLX.

I'm a little confused by the V3 and VP5 listings for ARRL DX CW - I hope
I didn't get some old email mixed with the new.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
ARRL DX CW       FS          WX9E                   Firm SOLP

ARRL DX CW       J2          Bruce, AA6KX           Probable SOAB 
** CANCELLED **              AA6KX at

ARRL DX CW       KG4NA       KD4D                   Planned SOAB
                             bailey at

ARRL DX CW       V3          NS0B, WC0W & WG9L  
                             albraun at

ARRL DX CW       V31JZ       NN7A, NG7S             M/S

ARRL DX CW       V4          N0BSH                  SOAB
                             N0bsh at

ARRL DX CW       VP5         K8JP                   SO
                             palooka at

ARRL DX CW       VP5         Ken, K0PP and N7HKW    Reserved
                             k0pp at

ARRL DX CW       XE2EBE      AA6DP, NF6H, et al     M/S Confirmed
                             dab at
ARRL DX SSB      FP          WJ2O                    Planned SO
							 WJ2O at

ARRL DX SSB      FS          N0BSH, WE9V, WX9E etal  Firm Multi-2
                             n0bsh at

ARRL DX SSB      J37K        W8KKF                   SO
                             hflasher at

ARRL DX SSB      J8          Society of Midwest Contesters  Planned Multi-2
                             blckhole at

ARRL DX SSB      KP2(WP2AHW) KE2VB & WD5N           Confirmed Multi-single
                             readerl at

ARRL DX SSB      VP2E        WA0PUJ, AH9B, KC0ZC    Firm M/S QSL via KC0ZC
                             grjohnson at

ARRL DX SSB      XE2EBE      AA6DP, NF6H, et al     M/S Confirmed
                             dab at

WPX SSB/96        KP4        KP4XS etal             M/M
                             kp4xs at

WPX CW/96        VP5         W5ASP
                             Jastaples at

WAE CW/96        VP2MGA      Bill, K5GA             One of us, probable 
                 VP2MGP      Bob,  N5RP             One of us, probable
                             perring at ICSI.Net

IOTA/1996        GW(EU124)   G5LP, G3VMW and G4BWP  Firm M-S from EU-124
                             group at

CQWW SSB/96      J3A         W8KKF, WA8LOW etal     M/S or M/M
                             Additional ops considered (hflasher at

CQWW CW/96       VP5         Dave, WD5N             Reserved
                             wd5n at

>From WX9E at Wed Dec 27 01:45:45 1995
ARRL DX SSB   FS  WX9E, N0BSH, WE9V  Firm Multi-2
     | Larry Novak            \-\-\         email:   lnovak at |
     | Century Computing, Inc.  |             Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
     | 8101 Sandy Spring Road   |      Tel (@NRL):   (202) 404-7682 |
     | Suite 200                |             Fax:   (301) 953-2368 |
     | Laurel, MD 20707         |   Amateur Radio:    K3TLX, C6AHE  |
     |      |                                   |

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at  Wed Jan 24 19:06:25 1996
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 14:06:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: A CW Confession - Call for Suggestions
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.960124135822.22610D-100000 at>

I'm enjoying the messages on (relatively) high speed CW in contests.
A local guy who I've never heard in any other contest, decided to show 
several other locals a few years ago how to make QSOs in the 160 M CW 
contest at speeds higher than they could normally copy.  He sat them down 
at the local club's station and pointed out to them that the contest 
exchange and the station's callsign were repeated over and over, the 
signal was often strong, and a memory keyer or computer could be 
programmed with your own exchange and call.  He reported that they were 
all elated to realize that they could work guys at 20-25-30 WPM, even 
though they maybe barely passed the 13 WPM test.

And, it seems to me that the guys who send pretty fast CW in the 
contests, say 30-40 WPM (maybe there are a few that go faster than 40 but 
none come readily to mind) -- okay, they're in the upper end of the 30-40 
range, say 38 are top 10 guys.  I think the theory is you have to make 
QSOs that fast to have a score in the top echelon, the tradeoff being 
more repeats.  Many guys that can't copy will work you and copy the call 
and exchange by listening to it as many times as it takes.  And, if he 
busts the info in his log the QSO still counts for you, as long as you 
don't bust his exchange to you.  Other casual ops don't log any of their 
QSO or don't send in their log anway.  So, if the guy on the other end 
wants to get your exchange right he sends QRS, or he listens over and 
over, whatever it takes.  And there are many, many ops who DO copy the 38 
WPM call and exchange.  Some of those may pass on the QSO if it's at 15 
WPM because they know it'll take a little longer, where at 38 they can 
fit it in quick -- maybe they're using two radios for instance.

Summary:  various tradeoffs and judgments to be made -- which approach 
gets the most guys to work you.  73

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at  Wed Jan 24 19:10:05 1996
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 14:10:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New/slower contesters, please work me!
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.960124140912.22610G-100000 at>

For you newer or slower contesters, please answer my contest CQs and ask 
for me to slow down and I WILL, and gladly!

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Victor Vernon Burns <vburns at>  Wed Jan 24 19:15:44 1996
From: Victor Vernon Burns <vburns at> (Victor Vernon Burns)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 11:15:44 PST
Subject: Comments on 160 Contest Checking -
Message-ID: <InterAp.3.1.a.19960124111544.5@>

On Tuesday, January 23, 1996 0:58:15 AM David L. Thompson  wrote

You mean all this chatter for two weeks over this topic and 5 lousy contact=
s total from *every* submitted and checked log and probably several hundred=
 thousand checked contacts in both CW and SSB!

I beg of you all to subscribe to cq-whiners at, meanwhile I shall =
once again SET NOMAIL to cq-contest so I will not have to wade through it a=

> The number of uniques removed in 1995 for both CW and SSB contests was 5.
> 2 of these were probably busted calls that a unique program would catch.

> There was only 1 contact removed from a USA/VE log that was a toss-up.  

> Good luck to every contestant in 1996 ...see you there.

> 73, Dave K4JRB
> CQ 160 Meter Contests Director

>From nt5c at (John Warren)  Wed Jan 24 19:09:34 1996
From: nt5c at (John Warren) (John Warren)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 14:09:34 -0500
Subject: NAQP Phone
Message-ID: <1389629884-34590616 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

     >Rich Boyd, KE3Q, wrote:

     >I thought the 80M phone DX window was 3795-3800. Did it get expanded?


For as long as I can remember the 'phone DX window has been 3790-3800.
See QST Jan '96, P 104, "The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide".

BTW, the NAQP contesters were in general VERY good about avoiding the
window, and those of us who are primarily DXers appreciated that. Thanks

73, John, NT5C.

>From Dave Wilson" <Dave.Wilson at  Wed Jan 24 19:54:23 1996
From: Dave Wilson" <Dave.Wilson at (Dave Wilson)
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 11:54:23 PST
Subject: K1EA
Message-ID: <vines.ON29+V1d,la at>

Can someone please tell me what K1EA's internet ID or phone number is? It 
seems  from the responses I've had, that not being able to display packet 
data is not that uncommon with CT one seems to know why though!

Perhaps the author will be able to help, if I find out I will post the answer 
on this reflector. 

Thank you to those kind people who tried to help.....

Dave AA0RS / G3SZA

>From DFREY at (DFREY)  Wed Jan 24 19:23:04 1996
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 14:23:04 -0500
Subject: H.O. Granberg   K7ES  Silent Key
Message-ID: <10698080 at>

     He wasn't a contester, but contesters owe a debt of gratitude to Helge 
     More than any other design engineer, Helge had greater 'leverage' on 
     the use of transistors in the transmitter side of radios than anyone 
     else. As the premier applications engineer for Motorola's rf power 
     transistor division, Helge used ham radio as the test bench for many 
     of his designs.  These were subsequently published and incorporated in 
     many of the rigs in use today.
     We will miss him on the design side of the house.
     Dick Frey,  K4XU

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