VHF results -- WB4iUX

WB4iUX at aol.com WB4iUX at aol.com
Mon Jan 22 23:09:35 EST 1996

None, almost...

EM84 (South Carolina)
Rig:  TS690s, 40 meter dipole 
TM241a,  2m boomer


6:  4Q, 1 grid
2:  1Q, 1 grid (FM)

Coulda made a whopping 5 Q's on 6 meters, but decided not to work local
station that wants to use his Caribbean call and not sign portable W4.  Kinda
like false advertising and not really in the spirit of contesting in my book.
Glad to see that George's posting for the NAQP results had this call correct.

73 and see ya'll soon... Tom WB4iUX

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