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Wed Jan 24 23:58:11 EST 1996

Hello all,

After reading all the messages about antenna wind loading and the
associated gobble-de goop math that went with it, has any one 
thought to go outside and stand at the base of their tower in a big
wind and watch and listen to their antennas?

  I live in the mountains of eastern Arizona (7000'), and I get 50 to
80 mph winds here every winter and spring. In my particular case,
I have 70' of Rohn 25 with a old, and I mean old Mosely Classic 36.
Its been up for over 10 years,  (Yea I know it isn't Big enough ! ), and
years ago I watched it in big winds and turned it every which way, and
in my particular case  it appears to flex less and sing in the wind less
with the boom end on and elements broadside to the wind. It also
whips back and forth on the brake less. The classic 36  similiar
to the High-gain TH6. 24' boom and 6 elements.

What I am getting at is this, You should see what works best for your
QTH by watching your farm swing in the breeze and listen to what its
telling you.

Now if I can just get a 2 or 3 el 40m yagi up above the tribander, I'll
really have something to watch

73 de Bill Witt   WA7KPH
Eastern Arizona DX Ring DXCluster sysop

Box 700
Heber, Az. 85928

wa7kph at

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