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Subj:    Re: Grounding system for a sand dune
Date:    96-01-24 11:17:43 EST
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Randy --

     Your copper pipes imbedded in your concrete is a good idea.  You're
right about the ground rods.  What I would recommend is to run additional
ground straps out from your ground system.  The minimum size for an RF
counterpoise/lightning ground system is 1-1/2 inches wide and 26 guage.
 Buried just under the surface, these will add an appreciable amount of
ground system capacitance and effectiveness.  These should also be run from
your tower legs and connected to your overall ground system.  I couldn't tell
your QTH; are you in a high lightning zone?

     This is a large topic and would be glad to discuss it further with you.

73, Steve K7LXC      Author,  "Up The Tower"

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