Sprint CW from 8P

rkaufman at magic.mb.ca rkaufman at magic.mb.ca
Sun Jan 28 22:14:00 EST 1996

Those of us up here in the Northland hope that you East Coast 
guys have enjoyed that ent small sample of Pure Canadian 
January Prairie Air that blew in recently. The old thermometer 
hasn't been moving much past the 30 below mark in the evenings 
up here and , well, we thought you'd like a small taste of a 
real winter. (Repeat after me: Exposed flesh freezes in 1 
My Tailtwister is still turning the KT34-XA /40-2CD combo... 
way to go Hygain ! Built in Minnesota, thank goodness. Unlike 
that Diawa piece of sh*t that I ended up changing on Dec 26 a 
few years back.

On a warmer note, I'm doing what most sane Winnipeg types 
should be doing right about now... I'm heading south. I'll be 
active Feb 8-15 from Barbados with the call 8P9EN.
I'll try to be on for Sprint CW. XYL and 2 yr old harmonic will 
be with me so no promises here. Please listen for my puny 
signal. ( 100w to vert and dipoles). 

73 Rob VE4GV
rkaufman at magic.mb.ca

 Question: "How many Chiropractors does it take to change a 
light bulb ?
   Answer: "Only one. But it takes 12 visits" 

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