160M QRP from CO:W2CRS

W2CRS at aol.com W2CRS at aol.com
Mon Jan 29 01:36:09 EST 1996

QRP masochist yes, but it hurts so good!  
I had no intention of operating the contest, worn out as I was from the VHF
contest the previous weekend and some 12 hour work days recently, BUT-

I wanted to check out the new IC-706 on CW, and while I was at it, maybe see
how many states I could work QRP, something I had never tried on 160.  So I
operated 4 hours the first night making 52 contacts with the IC-706. 

My first impression of the IC-706 was, WOW, there's a narrow CW filter here
even though I didn't order or pay for the accessory. This Santa Claus
syndrome lasted three hours (I'm a slow learner) until I finally realized I
was receiving two, both USB and LSB, equally strong signals from every
station (and YOU thought the band was crowded!).  One result of this folly
was that some stations came back the first call (KL7Y, for instance!) while
others, much stronger, wouldn't come back after 5 minutes of calling (I was
listening on the other sideband and about 1.5 KHz off their frequency).
Another result was that I heard several of the louder stations come back off
frequency with B4 to my calls to other stations.  This was weird, and I
finally realized after three hours of searching and pouncing that the narrow
CW filter was NOT, even though it has the "feel" of a narrow CW filter, and
this non-filter is actually narrower than the SSB filter that I was to use
next (someone explain that!).

For the fourth hour Friday night and three hours Saturday night, I used the
IC-706 with the SSB filter.  Now, I was on frequency (or close) and the
occasional "B4's" I received thereafter were "failure of a cerebral nature"
(apologies- I should have pushed the NA F9 key before calling).  

Contesting with the IC-706 (esp. with the wide filter) was far more
masochistic than operating QRP!  The IC 706 is a superb little transceiver,
but not up to 160M contesting. The  the S7 intermod crud all across the band
was very stressful!  With the wide filter, I could hear about 10 signals in
the passband and another dozen or so as intermod!  Putting in the attenuator
made no difference- the intermod was just as bothersome. After about 3 hours
of contesting Saturday night I had such a bad headache, I decided to quit.

But wait,  My FT-102 with its three 6146's- it couldn't run at 5 watts, could
it?  I hooked it up to the Oak Hills Research QRP wattmeter, and, SURPRISE,
the drive control easily brought it down to 5 watts (or much lower)! Only
problem was that the power out changed significantly when I moved 20 KHz or
more so every few minutes- "it's tune-up time."  I operated another 4 hours
using the FT-102 with it's superp receiver.  My headache went away!  I
usually only heard one or two signals at a time in the 500 Hz bandpass an no
intermod.  And, believe it or not, most stations that I could hear well,
could hear me!  Yes, it took several minutes to work KH6CC and others.  Some
I called for many, many minutes off and on (such as 8P9DX) before they came
back.  Some (like PJ9Z) never came back though I called and called and
called.  And yes, I got lucky and made two contacts on CQ's!

After 4 hours Friday night and 7 hours Saturday night, I  worked 48 states
(including KL7 and KH6, but missed SC and ME), three Canadian provinces, and
XE2, VP9, WP4, 6Y5, and 8P9, trully better than I imagined I could ever do
QRP.  I very much appreciate your patience and good ears in working me.

Here's the score-

Single up, unassisted, QRP ( 5 watts out to Qak Hills QRP wattmeter), 11
Antenna:  A pair of 510' full wave loops in parallel averaging 25' above

QSO's: 178        Multipliers:  56           Score:  22,904

Hearing the above-mentioned DX come back to my QRP signal is one of my the
alltime best highs in contesting and amateur radio!    Doug   W2CRS  Colorado

I tried to subscribe to the 3830 at AKORN.NET over 12 hours ago, but no luck so
 cq-contest reflector (and topband reflector) gets this one.

>From Dieter Dippel" <dippel at rrze.uni-erlangen.de  Mon Jan 29 12:16:59 1996
From: Dieter Dippel" <dippel at rrze.uni-erlangen.de (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 12:16:59 MEZ
Subject: Final Results WAE SSB 1995
Message-ID: <146B7E10D92 at isis.rrze.uni-erlangen.de>

DL2DN  > CONTEST  27.01.96 15:24 143 Lines 6121 Bytes #89 @WW
Subj: Results WAE SSB 95  
From: DL2DN @ DB0RBS.#BW.DEU.EU  (Herbert)

    *** Worked All Europe DX Contest (WAEDC) SSB 1995 ***
                      Results Europe/DX

Single Operator - Europe 

S50A  1121848   YT1AD  620106    OM3PC  493640    S59ZA  427721
YU7JX  383182   LY6M   316498    LY2IJ  298623    S50D   269928
DJ9KH  267282   LY5W   257706    DJ9HX  227048    OK1DIG 223440
DJ9MT  197656   DJ3JB  191611    LY2OU  187620    F2BF   171392

T77WI  129297   DL0SE  128520    DL5DAV 121800    DJ0VZ  116886
SM6VR  107348   OZ5EV  104357    DL8NAS 102249    UU2JZ   92736
DK5RA   84846   DL9BBA  84000    EA2IA   80758    OH3OJ   80256
DL5IC   74165   DJ3ST   72354    EA3BOX  68736    UT5UGR  64998

SP1MHV  62884   DJ9UI   60776    LY1FW   60514    DL2FAG  56154
UA6NZ   54708   DL1JF   53439    RZ1ZZ   45126    SP7DZA  44622    
LY2FN   41880   DF2FM   39375    LZ2WM   38500    S54A    37440 
LY3BA   36084   UA6LAK  35375    IK2VJF  33300    OK1BB   33274

OM3YK   31948   ZA1AJ   31486    UA6LAM  30345    S57W    30284 
OK1DKS  30179   YL3FW   29539    YU1BO   28128    SP9HZF  26106 
UY5ZZ   25992   IK6CAC  25200    9A3ZG   25004    S59D    24890
0KHP    24582   UA4SKW  24004    DL8OBQ  21894    OH1NOA  21735 

CT4MS   21386   DA0WCR  21320    DL1BKT  20646    DL9SEV  20586    
OZ9Y    20468   3Z2UUU  20291    HA3OU   20274    OZ4FF   19166    
YO8KOS  17464   OK1KZ   16716    DK7LA   16400    DL6MHW  15708    
DL2DN   15288   EA3LS   14630    DJ8WK   14454    DL8SDC  13760    

OK1EP   13706   EA1MK   13281    DL2DBE  12420    UA1CGF  12348    
UY5TE   12296   DK5OS   12240    LZ3SM   11904    9A3QK   11583    
OM5KM   11580   DJ6BN   11400    LZ2FM   10519    LZ5QZ    9688    
Z32JA    9660   YU7KM    9504    EA3GHQ   9040    DL8FP    8960    

UR5WHT   8352   DJ4RP    7950    EA7NQ    7320    SP9BLF   6992    
DJ3XK    6552   DL1ECU   6370    PA0KDM   6075    DK6IV    5940    
PA0YN    5888   DL7UWL   5880    YO4DCF   5508    3Z9MAT   5460    
DL6UFB   5325   DJ6DO    5256    IK0XBX   5217    UA3LDZ   5148    

IT9AJP   5106   EA7AIG   5005    Z32KV    4992    UT4UZ    4753    
SP5BB    4650   DF2HL    4514    EA2CR    4320    SP2GNB   4180    
EA1FAD   4032   SP2DKI   3960    UT1ZZ    3914    DJ2YE    3366    
S58MU    3304   SP6EQZ   3243    SV2YC    3074    DF3IU    3024    

SP9MDY   2925   EA3ELZ   2905    EA7BJV   2832    UU2JQ    2829    
9A4RU    2623   HA3GN    2508    SP4GFG   2432    OK2SWD   2376    
EA7BHO   2356   LA2AD    2232    DL1HSR   2052    DF8IT    1922    
DL1EAL   1900   SP2AHD   1764    EA6JN    1760    OK2EC    1760    

EA3GSH   1700   DL3WB    1584    IV3GCP   1400    OK1DSA   1360    
S59L     1314   DF5NF     975    SK0UX     930    EA1DFP    882    
9A3ZO     864   DL7UHD    624    SP4AVG    624    LZ1KPP    616    
DL1SBF    572   YO3JU     570    SP2EXN    520    CT1DSJ    462    

YU7SF     450   SP9KJU    434    PA0IJM    390    YO8RXP    384    
IT9ORA    330   DA0UN     288    YU7LS     200    RU6BV     136    
EW8VD      80   OK1FJD     48    UT8IM      40    SP9KR      32    
SM7HSP     30   DF0GBS/P   24    EA7GGU     22    EA7BJ      22    

EA7MK      22   EA7GPP 21

Single Operator - DX

C47W 1750170    AA1AA   628992   N3RS    579120   UA0WY  500736
4X1VF 459224    ZS6SA   436696   LU6ETB  416329   UA3D/0 413168
5B4XF 404676    EA1AK/8 400140   CT3IA   340744   JH5FXP 250954
N5OKR/3 233356  P40T    218673   L37N    217251   W2UP/3 203975

HK3JJH 170145   LU8ADX  168354   EA9AR   128924   BV2FI  124700
RA9FDR 115656   RW9AB   104244  5N3/SP5XAR 102336 RV9XF  101000
UN7R    69678   UA0WL    42912   UA9CUA   39216   NK3U    38646
OA4EI   38488   PY2APQ   38016   KC1F     34662   DU1SAN  34114

WO9Z    29468   RV9OB    25810   YV1CR    23580   WZ8A    23403
WE9V    22752   OD5SE    21840   L7F      19888   VK2APK  18800
KB0C    16330   UN7FW    14720   UA0YAY   13200   K1CLN   11664
J28FX   11340   K3WW      6936   9Q2L      6750   JH4NMT   6222

VE9ZL    6000   JA5APU    4680   RW9RF     3904   JA6SRB   3564
4Z5FW    3360   UN9PQ     3124   UA9UUN    3096   4M3B     2912
WA2WYR   2850   JA7BEW    2747   JA7KBR/1  2680   K4BAI    2400
VE5SF    2400   UA0SJ     2244   JA3JOT    2112   XE2DV    1584

K8CV     1540   CP1FF     1456   XE3LMV    1352   JA1BUI    620
TE5T      600   JR4GPA     572   JH1UUT     540   PY3CEJ    450
JA6QDU    432   N4MM       360   JA3HPD     352   CP1AA     280
JA0YHU    280   VE6JY      180   JA1STY      48   JG1GCO     40

KA2BXH     24   JA9KUG      18   

Multi Operator Single TX - Europe

IR4T  1258810   UU5J   1079944   DF0HQ 1006072    DL0WW  976599
UX2M   571846   S50L    567522   GB5HQ  503084    RU6LWZ 482702
DL0HN  453474   DL0CS   421632   II2K   386347    9H0DX  375326
UT7W   358290   DL0UM   225768   LY3MR  164970    DK0CX  158039

DL8WO  144400   YU7AL   120927   DL0LB  119840    DL6NED  12435
GW3CSA  94792   DK0GM    88020   UE1ANU  72225    DL0KM   71048
DA0CB   12827   LY2BWJ    9680   EW4XA    8528    SQ0YFU   1960
SP3KPN    500   UT4UYA     300   OK2KVI    264   

Multi Operator Single TX - DX

IG9R  2902464   EA9TQ  2376400   P39P  1955960    VP5C   832206
K1JKS  677888   N3BNA   170936   RK9CWY 161551

SWL - Europe

OM3-27707 775602  LY-R-225  652680   RA3XO 594958   LY1DT 403992
LYR-1751 288358   SP0142/JG 233695 LYB68 231384  OM3-0001 199440
DE0DEM 192676     LY-A-89   161625  LY-1136  161552
F-10046 108661    OH2-836 96220   LYR-672 95598  RA1-143-1 77308
LYR-1855 73950    LYR-794 53345   ONL4335 53332 SPL-200189 50160
EA/DE7TXL  38520  LY-B-26 26460    DL3KDC 21300   OK2-9329 14310
I7-2889-BA  4410  OK1-34734 391   


UA9-154-2454 211172    UA9-154-1171 149093    UA9-154-800 148148 
CXN020 60522           INS-99  7500



Any questions about this list to DL2DN @ DB0RBS.#BW.DEU.EU

73, Herb, DL2DN

>From bobg4ujs at netcentral.co.uk (Bob Harrison)  Mon Jan 29 11:54:35 1996
From: bobg4ujs at netcentral.co.uk (Bob Harrison) (Bob Harrison)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 11:54:35 GMT
Subject: Energy Booster during contest?
Message-ID: <199601291154.LAA20880 at net1.netcentral.co.uk>

>I've been taking the drops in the morning before work and I must say it
>does give me a tremendous lift, especially for a guy that has never been a
>morning person! 

Wow...... my XYL won't be pleased!! hi 73 de Bob

>From SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>  Mon Jan 29 03:58:00 1996
From: SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca> (SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>)
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 96 20:58:00 -0700
Message-ID: <8B9B4EA.0065001755.uuout at lun.lis.ab.ca>

Hi All. I know that this has probably been beat to death, but I still
need to know.
I have just recently acquired 3 acres of land to build a house. Due to
the time frame, and location etc, I was unable to do very accurate
noise testing. The best I could do was hook up a long wire to an old RS
DX-160. I heard just a tad of noise on 160M, presumably power line noise
from what it sounds like, but very low level...no biggy. Right now, I'm
living across the road from 3 phase 138KV power lines, and these things
may as well be a 1-200MHZ broadband transmitter, cuz the noise from
160 Meters through 20 is from 10 over at 80M, to S-8 on 20
Meters....very vrey bad and noisey. The only power line CLOSE to me at
the NEW site is what I believe to be a single phase 440V line brought
down the road, then into a transformer (2:1) on the property. The ONLY
other power line is a major grid line, which is located between 2-4
miles away...just guessing (cant' get an accurate check).

I would like to know some opinions on how these 440 lines are, and more
exactly, if anyone has experienced any problems from grid lines at a
distance of 2-4 miles away. Common sense would say they should not cause
any problems, but would like to hear what everyone has to say.



>From Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com>  Mon Jan 29 13:09:04 1996
From: Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com> (Pete Soper)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 08:09:04 EST
Subject: last weeks posting from K5ZD
Message-ID: <4191.9601291309 at earl.encore.com>

>From the reflector info posting (whole thing included below for
you to save for next time):

>You can fetch messages from the CQ-Contest archive by sending a message to
>FileServ at TGV.COM that says


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>From Tine Brajnik <Tine.Brajnik at guest.arnes.si>  Mon Jan 29 14:07:41 1996
From: Tine Brajnik <Tine.Brajnik at guest.arnes.si> (Tine Brajnik)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 14:07:41 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: CQWW 160M CW
Message-ID: <01I0L2W0OMWY0004X7 at arnes.si>

At 18:41 26.01.96 +0000, Andre Sampaio (PY0FF) wrote:
>I will operate the CQWW160m CW contest, starting today 
>as high power sigle operator.Please qsl to W9VA or
>direct via CBA
>See you on the TOP BAND !!
>73, Andre
>*  PY0FF - Andre Sampaio     *
>* Fernando de Noronha Island * 
>* -------------------------- *
>*          E-MAIL            *
>*    py0ff at elogica.com.br    *
>*       PACKET RADIO         *
>*   py0ff at py0ff.#fni.bra.sa  *
HI Andre,

very sorry but did not get this msg b4 contest so was not aware to look
for you. Anyway S59AA told me he worked you and that you were there
just for about 15mins with gud sigs and perfect op technic. Wonder if you
were active all the contest since I watched for you second night but did not
hear you or somebody callg u. 
73  Tine S50A     (800 qsos abt 400k )

                                                Tine Brajnik

>From Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at Interpath.com  Mon Jan 29 13:21:01 1996
From: Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at Interpath.com (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 09:21:01 -0400
Subject: 160 Scores
Message-ID: <199601291425.JAA14872 at mail-hub.interpath.net>

I will be doing the scores for the 160 contest this weekend.

Please submit them here, 3830 reflector, or to me direct.

73's Jim
           * Jimmy R. Floyd  (Jim)   Thomasville, NC                *
           *                                                        *
           * Amateur Call:              >> WA4ZXA <<                *
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>From Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at Interpath.com> (by way of "Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at interpath.com>  Mon Jan 29 14:51:50 1996
From: Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at Interpath.com> (by way of "Jimmy R. Floyd" <floydjr at interpath.com> (Jimmy R. Floyd)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 10:51:50 -0400
Subject: 160 Scores
Message-ID: <199601291555.KAA21124 at mail-hub.interpath.net>


My Mistake!!!

I will be doing the scores for the 160 contest this weekend.

Please submit them here, 3830 reflector, or to me direct.

73's Jim
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