CQWW 160 - AA8SM

V.LONG.SA at OCF.compuserve.com V.LONG.SA at OCF.compuserve.com
Mon Jan 29 11:46:37 EST 1996

From: V.LONG.SA at OCGRV02
Date: 1/29/96 10:20AM
Subject: CQWW 160 - AA8SM
    CQ 160 METER CONTEST -- 1996

    Call: AA8SM                    Country:  USA
    Mode: CW                       Category: SO/HP/Assisted

            QSO      QSO PTS      STATES/SECTIONS      COUNTRIES

    Totals  309        719              49                12  =  43,859

    Condx Friday night were not the greatest, 20/9 noise level, no receive
    antennas, just an Inverted-L. First hour was the best, 57 Q's and 20
    mults. Did mostly S&P, maybe calling CQ is a better way to go. We're
    still learning, its my 2nd 160 contest. Had alot of fun!

    One question, 9A3A/4U=HH, DXCC doesn't count this, does this count for
    the contest?

    CU all next time

    73 Scott AA8SM

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