I Don't Work Only Friends

Richard Norton ae327 at lafn.org
Tue Jan 30 10:10:29 EST 1996

I often participate in contests where I have no intention of
trying to win. In the past, I'll admit to having given out a
few contacts to friends. I do not do this anymore.
When I am on the air in a contest, even for a limited time,
I try to work everyone. I think it makes a contest slightly more
meaningful when I do not reward some contestants for being
friends or do not reward other entrants for good deeds performed
outside the contest.
I have spent a lot of time checking contest logs. I make it
a point to always try not to work only one single station in a
contest. I know that working a single station can result in a
unique contact being detected during log judging. Evaluating the
meaning of the unique might waste a log checker's time. I
believe that I have every right in the world to work only
one station, but I don't happen to do it.
When I detect friends of mine giving me contacts with second
calls, I do not log them. I encourage my friends to work as
many stations as they can during the time they are on the
air, not just me.
I have some friends who have actually won contests. I hope
that the successes of these friends have been a result of their
skill and effort and not the fine taste demonstrated by their
choice of friends.
Dick Norton     N6AA     ae327 at LAFN.ORG


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