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RE: 1996 Canada Day Contest - Claimed Scores

4 July 1996 (Happy Independence Day to the US folks reading this)

My mailbox has been overflowing with messages detailing claimed scores for 
this year's 1996 Canada Day Contest.  As usual, I will include as many 
cliamed or rumoured scores as possible in September TCA, but the final 
results will appear in the November issue of the magazine.  

NOTE: I have not yet seen the logs, and I will not see them until early 
August.  Please DO NOT consider these scores as definitive or final.  I'm 
simply collecting and repeating the claims I have heard so far.  

>From all accounts it was a banner year for participation, and there were some
tremendous scores made.  To date, here's what I have heard:

Call   Cat  QSOs Mul Score
VY2SS  A    1162  77   613,228 *
VY1RAC A    1168  60   408,840 *
  (op VY1JA)
VE3BW  A     542  81   363,566
VA3JAK A     750  48   334,176
VE7AV  14    680  24   119,568 *
VE7CFD 14    420  12    23,712
VC6RAC M    2836  99 1,838,430 *
VE6NQ  M     461  53   207,790

* Scores exceeding current records
A=Single op all bands
L=Single op all bands low power
14=Single op single band (MHz)

Was this really summertime conditions at the bottom of the sunspot cycle?

If you know of other scores, please send me a message with the details.  
Whatever you do, make sure you send your entry to:

RAC Canada Day Contest
614 Norris Court - Unit 6
Kingston ON  K7L 4W2  CANADA

Thanks.  73,

Dave Goodwin VE2ZP/VE9CB
RAC HF Contest Manager (Adjudicator for the Canada Day Contest)


E-mail: ve2zp at

>From kg5u at (Dale Martin)  Thu Jul  4 03:37:33 1996
From: kg5u at (Dale Martin) (Dale Martin)
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 21:37:33 -0500
Subject: Field Day Secrets From Repeaterville
Message-ID: <01BB692E.15A0EA60 at>

The sad part is that if they can screw up reporting something as =
mundane and straightforward as Field Day, think what they do to really=20
important news stories.

The problem is exacerbated when we try to inflate the importance of what
ever it is we are doing.  If we throw in too much complexity, technical =
in-words, etc., we run the risk of confusing the reporter and ending up =
with a=20
strange and confusing report being aired about amateur radio.  You have =
be very, very careful when dealing with the news media....If you listen =
to their
off-the-cuff comments on the air, you can detect a certain bias against=20
anything technical (I wish I were kidding...all four of our network =
affiliates and the all news station demonstrate and reinforce this day =
after day).=20

The other night, on the local news (an NBC affiliate), they used a nice =
pricey, detailed graphic to depict the crater created by the bomb-blast =
at the barracks
in Saudi.  The dimensions were correct: 85 feet across the top; 35 feet =
But the pictorial side view of the crater showed the depth at least =
three times=20
the width.

What do you expect from an organization that answer's to no one?=20

oh yeah....Field Day is not a contest....there...'contest' is in the =
note...(sorry, Trey! I could not let this opportunity to comment on the =
news media go by)

Dale, KG5U
kg5u at

From: 	gdo at[SMTP:gdo at]
Sent: 	Wednesday, July 03, 1996 13:40 PM
To: 	cq-contest at
Subject: 	Re: Field Day Secrets From Repeaterville

Hi Walt,
  I believe you did NOT make this up.  Our local podunk press generally =
a great job covering our FD, but really flubbed some of the details.  I =
my best to ensure the accuracy of their notes, but they still goofed it =
  Despite their mistakes, I was quite happy with their stories.  Bear in
mind, however, that the press is notorious for twisting the truth.  =
it's accidental.  I'm sure (I hope) that your example is such a case.
   Vy 73 de Glenn, N3BDA

> The following is excerpted from an article in the Port St. Lucie News =
> June 23:
> "It [Field Day] is a contest of sorts" said John Bolduc, a member of =
> Port St. Lucie Amateur Radio Association.  He added: "Most of the
> transmitters don't use electricity."
> (I did NOT make this up!)
> 73, Walt, AC1O

>From ke6ber at (Alfred J. Frugoli, KE6BER/1)  Thu Jul  4 05:19:11 1996
From: ke6ber at (Alfred J. Frugoli, KE6BER/1) (Alfred J. Frugoli, KE6BER/1)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 00:19:11 -0400
Subject: cw forever?
Message-ID: <v01540b01ae00bc0446ca@[]>

>My experience has been that RTTY is readily copyable at extremely weak
>signal levels, provided one has the narrow bandwidth needed.  I use a
>250 Hz filter in my TS-850S, and I'm often amazed at how well the TNC
>can pick signals out of the noise.  I'd say RTTY compares very
>favorably with CW in that department.
>73, Bill W7LZP
>wrt at

I would agree with the above statement.  My only RTTY contest so far was
the ARRL RTTY Roundup in 1995.  The TNC was able to copy signals that I
could barely hear.  This was using a 250hz filter in a Kenwood TS-940.  The
only time I would have a problem is when another mark or space tone fell
within my passband and it was stronger than the notch could attenuate
enough to make the desired signal readable.  Seems to work pretty good to

Al, KE6BER/1, ke6ber at

>From l38217 at (Pedro Pedroso)  Thu Jul  4 11:43:55 1996
From: l38217 at (Pedro Pedroso) (Pedro Pedroso)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 10:43:55 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: cw forever?
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960704102941.2131A-100000 at>

	Hello to all !
	I started CW about 9 months ago. I took o month to learn all
	the letters, numbers and some other chars like ? / -- .
	I don't have much time to spend on the radio, any way I did
	manage to almost reach the 20 WPM level. I am very found of
	contesting and a tried to hear how CW contests work because
	I want to participate in it as I do in SSB.
	I like CW just for the FUN of it ! I think it is a great
	challenge, not only the learning but also the development of
	ones hability and specially the increase of speed !!
	My goal is to copy ANY callsign at first at speeds up to 
	50 WPM (I hope I wont be too old by that time !!)
	I think CW is part of the ham spirit (though I don't agree that
	everybody should be oblidge to know it to be an Ham).

					73 es CUL ...-.-
 | Pedro Pedroso                        |                            | 
 | l38217 at               |  CT1ELP                    |
 | Eng. Electrotecnica e Computadores   |  Founder member of GPDX    |
 | (Telecomunicacoes e electronica)     |                            |
 | Address: P.O.Box 116 , 2806 Almada Codex , PORTUGAL               |

>From 9v1yc at (James Brooks)  Thu Jul  4 10:46:09 1996
From: 9v1yc at (James Brooks) (James Brooks)
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 09:46:09 +0000
Subject: 4th Asia-Pacific Sprint Results
Message-ID: <31db84d4.equator at>

Any corrections or missing entries please
notify me by E-mail ASAP before this goes to print.


James 9V1YC

p.s. 3rd AP Sprint T-shirts have been mailed already. Don't worry! :-)


4th Asia-Pacific Sprint (8 June 1996) Results


VS6BG     88 x 62  5456
JA5FDJ    66 x 48  3168
JH4NMT    67 x 46  3082
JH3AIU    59 x 50  2950
JH0KHR    61 x 48  2928
JK2VOC    58 x 40  2320
JA0FVU    38 x 30  1140
JH1DYV    38 x 30  1140
JL7CLE/2  30 x 25  750
9V1YC     27 x 26  702


VK1FF     34 x 27  918
VK2AYD    24 x 21  504
VK4TT     14 x 18  324

North America

W2VJN     28 x 23  644
W5FO      24 x 23  552
K7NPN     19 x 17  323
KX7L      16 x 14  224
WA7BNM    12 x 11  132
N0AX      11 x 11  121
KE9A       9 x 9   81
VE7CQK     7 x 7   49
N6ZZ       6 x 5   30
VE9ST      4 x 4   16
K8CV       3 x 3   9
AA8SM      2 x 2   4
WB0O       checklog


LY2FN     14 x 13  182  
S57KM      1 x 1   1

Africa & South America


>From jfeustle at UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)  Thu Jul  4 15:31:20 1996
From: jfeustle at UOFT02.UTOLEDO.EDU (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.) (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 09:31:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Towers: Misery Loves Company
Message-ID: <v01510100ae013a91d4e4@[]>

If it is any consolation, what has happened to many a ham and contester
when attempting to put up a tower is now taking place with the cellular
phone industry. Such is the content of a recent article in the Wall Street
Journal that was picked up and published in today's business section of the
Toledo Blade. "Towns giving cellular towers bad reception" details how a
number of communities and individual citizens are fighting against the
location of cellular phone repeater towers in their towns and
neighborhoods. Most of what is transpiring sounds all too familiar to many
of us.

The tactics are familiar: prolonged legal battles costing millions of
dollars, millions that the cellular companies have to spend but which have
not always brought about success.

On the plus side, however, is the fact that the cellular phone industry,
soon to be expanded in size by the arrival of five new systems built for
personal communications, is, according to this article, lobbying to get a
clause included in the new telecommunications legislation that "bars
communities from blocking towers on saftey grounds." Wonder how much that
might help us, or if we could piggyback on to some of this legislation.

Then, too, we might learn from our commercial counterparts. It seems that
they use "philanthropic bribes" to achieve what their lawyers couldn't. So,
the next time you run up against obstacles to your desires for a bigger and
better antenna farm, consider locating your new towers next to a local high
school stadium and hanging a few lights off of them for nighttime football.
Under really difficult circumstances, you might want to consider the failed
ploy used by one commercial company of disguising their tower as a tree.
Original, ain't it? Wonder how much they paid their consultants.

Feeling better already because of shared grief? Not me, but some guys in
R&D in a local contest group of ill repute are already swinging into
operation: stealth towers. I can hardly wait.

Joe Feustle, N8AAT

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