Thu Jul 4 17:00:13 EDT 1996

A reduced crew of Team Antigua will activate V26B in the upcoming 
WRTC/IARU RadioSport Games on July 13th, 1996. They will be 
entering either the Multi/single or Multi/multi catagory. 
Decision to be made by the crew upon arrival in Antigua.
They will be active for a short time both before and after 
the contest on all bands and modes.  Please remember to work 
these dedicated members of Team Antigua and to spot them on your 
Dx Packet Cluster so all who still need a QSO from the Beautiful 
Island Paradise called Antigua will be able to do so!

The Members and QSL Routes for this Trip will be:

V26B     Sam Harner       QSL Via   WT3Q
V26E     Darrel Neron     QSL Via   AB2E
V26U     Bill Hudzik      QSL Via   WA2UDT

>From dale.long at (Dale E. Long)  Thu Jul  4 23:00:48 1996
From: dale.long at (Dale E. Long) (Dale E. Long)
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 18:00:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Irvine, CA...any contesters?

My apologies to all readers not in W6-land...

I'd like to meet any active contesters in the Irvine
attending a conference in the area from July 8-12.
I also plan to take in some of the WRTC events...I plan to rent a
car and travel to Belmont on Thursday or Friday...I would be happy
to share transportation with any interested parties.

Does contest life exist in Irvine and environs?

I also would like directions to the Icom service center. Thanks and
looking forward to my 1st visit to California.

Dale E. Long - N3BNA
dale.long at

>From dale.long at (Dale E. Long)  Thu Jul  4 23:00:55 1996
From: dale.long at (Dale E. Long) (Dale E. Long)
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 18:00:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE; DSP Boxes

An added advantage of the W9GR model is that it is backed by a nice,
honest guy.

Dale E. Long -  N3BNA
dale.long at

     From: nw6n
     Date: 6/29/96  11:55:08PM
     To: cq-contest
     Subject: RE; DSP Boxes
     I'm surprised no one has mentioned the DSP kits that are
     available thru
     W9GR. I've been using the ten function model for three years
     now and
     wouldn't be without it. It is not a cure all but it DOES make
     on noisy bands and in contest situations much more comfortable.
     One drawback is you gotta put it together yourself but the
     price is
     right! (about half of a dsp-9)
     73, Bob NW6N

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