cw forever?

Zack Widup w9sz at
Mon Jul 8 13:38:18 EDT 1996

>I think the answer lies in a) better TUs and b) better protocols. You could
>even invent a protocol for totally automated digital contesting. But, if
>you take away too much of the human element in contesting, it ceases to be
>a challenge and therefore fun.
>If the goal is simply to move information around, CW doesn't stand a chance
>against well-implemented digital modem techniques.
>Bill Coleman, AA4LR, AA96LR      Mail: aa4lr at

My question is still: if the signal is below the noise, the digital mode 
may very well be able to decode it, but how do you know it's there in the 
first place? Do you slowly tune up the band, hoping for the TNC to decode 
something you can't hear?

I don't have a lot of experience with these modes, mostly with an older 
fairly "deaf" RTTY TU.

Zack W9SZ

>From Joe_Wilkowski at (Wilkowski,Joe)  Mon Jul  8 18:41:59 1996
From: Joe_Wilkowski at (Wilkowski,Joe) (Wilkowski,Joe)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 10:41:59 PDT
Subject: DSP Boxes Summary
Message-ID: <"<EF4AE13181B7677C>EF4AE13181B7677C at X-MC-0819-MS2.XEROX"@-SMF->

Speaking of DSP boxes, I have been waiting for someone to characterize 
 Time Waves new 599+ box.  I know that they were not in production as 
 late as the Rochester HamFest and I am curious to hear from some one 
 who may have had some experience.  In addition, are they now available ?

/joe k8fc 

joe_wilkowski at

>From 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson)  Mon Jul  8 18:32:00 1996
From: 0005543629 at (David & Barbara Leeson) (David & Barbara Leeson)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 96 12:32 EST
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Many of the more than 100 foreign contesters and DXers are already arriving 
at the Belmont Motel 6 for WRTC 96.  You can go there Monday and Tuesday to 
meet them, maybe even take a few on an informal tour of the area sights or 
host a small group at an informal lunch or dinner!  Just show up today or 
tomorrow at the hotel, wear a call and name badge, and look for WRTC 96 
guests in the lobby, the restaurant patio or around the pool.  Many of the 
visitors will be on the NCDXC 147.36+ repeater.


The first WRTC 96 event, Wednesday, July 10 from 3-9 PM, is the Icom Picnic 
at Coyote Point Park, off Highway 101 (Bayshore Freeway) south of San 
Francisco Airport.  All the contestants and judges will be there to meet you. 
 Tickets are $15 at the gate for charcoal-broiled hamburgers and hot dogs, 
Tide House draft beer and soft drinks, ice cream and a once-in-a-lifetime 
chance to meet some of the best ham operators from 30 countries around the 

Parking at Coyote Point is $4, but you can take the free shuttle bus with 
the WRTC teams from the Belmont Motel 6, at the Ralston/Marine World Parkway 
exit off Highway 101.  The last shuttle leaves the picnic at 8:45 PM, and the 
park closes at 9 PM.


More to say to your new-found friends?  There's a Dayton-style 
NCCC/Hy-Gain/AEA Hospitality Suite at the hotel Wednesday evening after the 
picnic.  Look for the signs at the hotel.


The World Radiosport Team Championship contest will be 1200z, July 13 to 
0600z July 14 (5 AM local time Saturday to 11 PM the same day).  The 
two-operator teams will be operating Multi-Single using 1X1 calls W6A through 
K6Z at comparable 100 Watt tribander and dipole stations on flat terrain on 
40-10 meters, CW and SSB.  QSO's will be in the IARU World Championship, so 
you would give a report 59906 or 5906.  Work 'em on 40 and 20, then call CQ 
for a while on 15 and 10, and the best operators will find you.


*Thursday, July 11:  CQ/Cushcraft San Francisco and ARRL/TGV Silicon Valley 
bus tours.  You can join the groups at no-host lunch if you wish.
*Thursday, July 11:  Dinner, Shell Oil, Martinez, $20, buses at 4:30 PM.

Saturday, July 13:  5 AM - 11 PM World Championship Contest

Sunday, July 14:  US Tower/Tide House/Give Pizza Chance Pizza & Beer Bust, 
Noon - 3, $10, Poolside at the Belmont Motel 6

*Sunday, July 14:  HRO Awards Banquet, 6 PM, Stanford Faculty Club, $35

*Monday, July 15:  Yaesu Napa Winery Tour, 7 AM - 6 PM, $35 

* Limited capacity, may be sold out, reservations required, contact Bruce 
Sawyer, AA6KX (aa6kx at

73 de Dave, W6QHS

>From n6ip at (R P WOLBERT)  Mon Jul  8 20:14:44 1996
From: n6ip at (R P WOLBERT) (R P WOLBERT)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 11:14:44 PST
Subject: WRTC by Internet
Message-ID: <19960708.111508.7319.2.n6ip at>

Just because you cannot be here with us at WRTC-96 doesn't mean you can't
"be here"!  The WRTC web page has daily photographs of the people and the
action. Drop by and see for yourself.

Don't forget to get on the air for WRTC/IARU HFWC Saturday.

C U.... 73 de Bob, N6IP

>From 0006627542 at (Felipe J. Hernandez)  Mon Jul  8 19:19:00 1996
From: 0006627542 at (Felipe J. Hernandez) (Felipe J. Hernandez)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 96 13:19 EST
Subject: Bertha!
Message-ID: <13960708181931/0006627542DC4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

    Well Im writing this message again since the power went off
    while I was writing the previous one, anyways we are in
    path of the eye and reports from KP2 say that is a nasty one
    reports from KP4BZ on the east say that the wind is picking up 
    at around 75 mph and still the eye is around 5 hours from here 
    My station is probably history by now

    this probably will delay a bit my arrival at WRTC but dont despair
    jeff ill make it... the power is going down any moment so cu

    felipe NP4z

>From wb5b at (BOBBY WEBB)  Mon Jul  8 23:43:58 1996
From: wb5b at (BOBBY WEBB) (BOBBY WEBB)
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 15:43:58 -0700
Subject: Info required
References: <s1e0feae.024 at SNC-LAVALIN.COM>
Message-ID: <31E18F2E.33D9 at>

Vitaly Markhasin wrote:
> I am looking for E-Mail address of "CQ" Magazine and/or
> Steve Bolia N8BJQ - their WPX Contest Director.
> Your help would be very much appreciated.
> Thank you.
> 73! VE6JO
> P.S. My E-Mail Address:  MARKV at SNC-LAVALIN.COM
N8BJQ e-Mail =  n8bjq


>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Mon Jul  8 22:18:54 1996
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 16:18:54 -0500
Subject: CW on the big screen

	Also check out the ham sending cw in the new movie "Phenomonon" 
        staring John Travolta.My girlfriend even spotted the qsl cards 
        on the shack wall.  73 Paul AA4ZZ

And many of the shop assistants in BY, where I was recently, still
use an abacus - they work, and the batteries never fail!   Actually,
the clicking noise they make reminds me of manual CW as well.

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at

>From wlminer at pbsac04.isp.PacBell.COM (wlminer)  Mon Jul  8 23:35:00 1996
From: wlminer at pbsac04.isp.PacBell.COM (wlminer) (wlminer)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:35:00 -0700
Message-ID: <9607082146.AA10870 at>


You will get  the best performance from you two meter yagi if it is 40 
inches ( half
wave length) or some muliple of a half wave above your HF antennas.

Good luck and good DX
73,  Bill - WG6H
From: Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira
Date: Saturday, July 06, 1996 3:47PM

Dear friends,

I am very close to raise my Triband Yagi for 10-15-20 meters, however I have
a question:

 -  I intend to put my 2 meters yagi (11 ele. with vertical polarization) on
the top of the mast. What distance must exist between the triband beam and
the VHF yagi?

Hope to work you all with my new antenna in the next CQWW!!


Carlos - PY1CAS
E-mails: "silver at" or "csilver at"

>From lew at (N7AVK)  Mon Jul  8 23:14:18 1996
From: lew at (N7AVK) (N7AVK)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 15:14:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: JA Calling Freq for 2M
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.92.960708150943.9104A-100000 at>

   Does anyone on the reflector know of the JA 2M calling frequency for
DX/weak signal? The CQ-VHF test is this weekend and looks like a duct
could occur between West Coast & JA.  You never know......till you try.
   73 and I remain,        Lew

         Lew  Sayre   N7AVK               lew at
         P.O.Box  3110                    Fax 503-391-2258
         Salem, Oregon 97302              160M thru 1296MHz

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