FIELD DAY 1996 High Scores / Curiosity

Tue Jul 16 21:31:50 EDT 1996

On 15-JUL-1996 15:28:24.7 bsmith said to JKAHRS
   > A question about field day ... With 6 bands (160 - 10) below 30 mhz,
   > and 2 xmittrs each one each CW and SSB), that's 12.  Others could
   > include one each for novice segments (on 40, 15 and 10), QRP, natural
   > power, demo, and message traffic.  But I still have a tough time
   > figuring out how any site could have over 15 to 20 SIMULTANEOUSLY
   > TRANSMITTED signals below 30 mhz (since 6m, VHF, UHF, satellites and
   > packet do not count).  I know I must be forgetting something.  I do not
   > mean to imply that I object in any way for anyone to have any number of
   > simultaneously transmitted signals, but I can not figure out how it's
   > done.  The two main things I can not figure out is (a) how do they keep
   > from clobbering each other if they double up on band/modes, and (b) how
   > can you put that many antennas in a 1000 foot circle?  Please no
   > flames, I am genuinely curious.
   > --- Brent --- KO4PY ---

But you get extra points for emergency pwr...class * 21A = 2100 pts!

You also win your class because you are the only one!

73, Hank/K2UVG
jkahrs at

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