Top 10 Reasons I passed on a WRTC Team Invite

Wed Jul 17 09:18:22 EDT 1996

Top Ten Reasons KB5YVT passed on his WRTC Team Invitation:

10.  I puke violently 10 mins. before a contest starts.
  9.  I don't understand the concept of changing the code speed for the 599
  8.  I would have been flustered by getting to use a 1x1 call after sending
mine for so long on CW.
  7.  K5RC might have been my judge.
  6.  Getting to use a tribander would be too much for my wires only mind.
  5.  If I was on a Team who would give out Zone 7?
  4.  Had to pass since no other TDXS member was invited.
  3.  It interfered with my "Hooters" invitational golf tournament.
  2.  I refuse to go near the left coast!
  1.  I visited with Jeff (KR0Y) in Tucker Ele. a week before the games and
he paid me to stay home.

Congrats to all the Teams is was great looking for you.

73  Mike  KB5YVT aka W5NN

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Date: 17 Jul 1996 08:05:45 -0400
Subject: Headphone suggestions needed
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I bought the Radio Shack headset/boom mic when it first came out about a year
ago.  The headphones were OK but not great.  The ear pads tended to rest more
on my ears rather than around them (no, my ears aren't that big), so for
extended use they would become a bit tiresome.   The worst problem was that
the mic response with my TS940 was terrible.    The mic's audio output level
and quality was not adequate for my use.  I read an article a few months ago
(NCJ? CQ?) that seemed to echo my experience.  The author replaced the element
in the R/S mic with a Heil element (after some modifications to the mic
housing I believe) and performace was then deemed acceptable.

I returned the headset/mic right after I bought it and later purchased their
"best" stereo headset when it went on sale.  These phones rest fully over the
ear (like the Heil Proset) and are pretty comfortable after extended wear.  I
drilled a small hole in one ear piece and mounted a clip I made for the Heil
BM-10 boom mic.  I've used it now for about a year with good results. 

73 James/kd1ng   

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From: Cleve D Leclair on Tue, Jul 16, 1996 7:19 PM
Subject: Re: Headphone suggestions needed
To: Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House
Cc: contest

Hi Dave and All, I was going through radio shack yesterday and noticed
they have a "head set" similair to heil pro, but fer 59.95 ... big
S O F T ear muffs and yes it had a boom mic attached...I wasn't they
were busy, so I didn't inquire...

Cleve - N7IXG

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