Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Thu Jul 18 18:43:50 EDT 1996

>K3ZO writes:
>>Thus when K7U was detected as a non-existent
>>call in the log I left it in, because I had heard that station very
>>clearly call the boys at K6N on a couple of bands.
>Is K7U a legitimate callsign? I worked him/her during Field Day and now the
>IARU. Anyone else work 'em? Please respond direct.
>de Hose  KN5H     op K7UP

Yes indeed! It's Tom, K7UOT with a special (bicentennial?) call.

He's been using it for about a month now.

Zack W9SZ

>From ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN )  Thu Jul 18 23:58:25 1996
From: ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN ) ( IK0HBN )
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 00:58:25 +0200
Subject: removal of IK0HBN
Message-ID: < at net.isa.it>

At 15.37 18/07/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>>>David Clemons said:
>> 	This is exactly the concern I voiced when people began to 
>> consider the possibility of using analysis of unique calls to help with 
>> score checking.  In my opinion there is absolutely no justification to 
>> remove a call simply on the grounds that it is a unique.
>> 	Don't think for a moment that IK0HBN was the only unique call in this 
>> contest.  While CQ'ing on 20 meters, K1DC (my friend and contester of 
>> many years ago, Don Benecchi) called me and gave me a qso.  I assumed he 
>> was running through the band working DX, and gave me a call because we 
>> are friends.  I saw him at our local club meeting three nights later, and 
>      ^^^^^^^
>> was surprised to find out that I was the only one he worked in the whole 
>This is likely the very reason a unique like this was dropped from any
>competitor (not regular Joe Ham) logs.
>I am in NO WAY saying that IK0HBN made this contact for this reason.
>NOR am I saying that the team did anything out of the ordinary.
>I repeat this is not to be construed as a slam against the operators
>involved IN ANY WAY.
>Gee, was I clear enough...I hope?
>73 de N1PBT...ron (rrossi at btv.ibm.com) <><
Hi Ron,
you can be sure I was seriously involved in IARU/WRTC contest: I ended with 861 qso's and I am satisfied for that. I was unlucky having to break big pile-ups with 150-200 watt and a 2 element melted traps yagi. For that reason I sent my partial log to organizer at 06.03z. Sorry to say that nobody noted my unique qso with Tom. It can happen: nobody is perfect.
See you soon.
ps As I would avoid in future my call rests as an Unique, I am trying to put up a real contest station. I live in a country and I offer hosting Ham's who wish to visit Italy in this summer and that can help me with good suggestions.
Country is about 10,000 meters square. No problem for hosting more than one person. 1 hour by car from Rome airport and 35 minutes from the City. I wait you.
It's not a kidding.

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
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>From slazar19 at sgi.net (Spike Lazar)  Fri Jul 19 00:16:27 1996
From: slazar19 at sgi.net (Spike Lazar) (Spike Lazar)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 19:16:27 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Motel Six Wins Award!
Message-ID: <199607182316.TAA23620 at orion.bv.sgi.net>

Who will watch the reflector while Trey is napping! Now is an excellent
time to come forward and start the sophomoric threads, so let the games

First let me commend everyone associated with the WRTC including the
Motel Six management. Since the WRTC organizers did a terrific job, I
nominate them to start organizing WRTC-3 after 48 hours rest.

Next, I suggest that they organize a judging contest similar to the WRTC
championships. Fifty-two teams of judges will draw at random 52 dubious 
logs received from  various contest sponsors of past contests and be locked
in the day room of 52 different mental hospitals for 6 hours, ect, ect.

The games are over, everyone on this planet who made a WRTC Q or associated
with the WTRC organization had a good time, including IK0HBN. I'm sure the
top 5 teams are satisfied with the log checking procedures and the bottom
45 feel the same way, but wish the outcome of the contest could have been

I do believe there was a bigger difference between the stations versus
the difference between the skill of the operators of these stations.
The cards were dealt and they played their hands beyond expectations.

Its now time for the WRTC team members, judges and observers to come forward
with the antidotes of interest for all of us starving reflectorites.

dr. Bafoofnik

>From ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN )  Fri Jul 19 00:27:11 1996
From: ik0hbn at isa.it ( IK0HBN ) ( IK0HBN )
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 01:27:11 +0200
Subject: incredible!
Message-ID: < at net.isa.it>

Never seen till now my call so many times in Subject line....
As I stated in my first message I wanted avoiding polemic. Check log is not a easy task: for that reason I send always my logs without touching them after the contest ends....what I copied, was copied in my truth....
Only one thing was not noted enough: I sent my partial as soon as contest ended: it would have been enough reading that.....but please, never mind.....WRTC is over.
May be this one could be a more interesting topic:
I trying to improve my contest station. I live in a country for that reason and I need help from you for projecting antennas setup.
If any of you planned visiting Italy in this summer, I will be off from job starting from 26 July, for an entirely month. I would be happy to host some of you here. I am not far from Rome..(60 km.) .....and I plan a trip in the southern part of Italy where the beach and the sea are fabulous. Any interested? Let me know.
I feel I will have much to learn from you.
ps. that surely will avoid to work only a station in next contest....so the number of unique calls would diminish by one.....hi
Ciao Sante

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
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>From kg5u at hal-pc.org (Dale Martin)  Fri Jul 19 00:40:23 1996
From: kg5u at hal-pc.org (Dale Martin) (Dale Martin)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 18:40:23 -0500
Subject: WRTC notes: W6D  (long)
Message-ID: <01BB74D8.95DD8020 at pm0-56.hal-pc.org>

I had a similar problem with a couple of the WRTC and IARU boys...

they would go off half cocked with my call sign wrong... I had to sit
on QRG for at least a QSO or two calling again and again to make
the correction.  Fortunately, and even at QRP levels, most of them
picked up on the fact that I was trying to get them to correct my call =
their logs.  I know in one case where I worked the guy; he had my
call wrong, but went "W/K6(put a letter here) test"; I had to call him
through 2 QSO's before he recognized me again and then he logged
me as a QSO.  So somewhere on someone's log there is KG5U=20
following by a QSO or two KG5U-something....=20

Remember guys:  When a station sends his callsign back to you,=20
it is, in my mind at least, a flag that you need to check to see if you
copied it correctly the first time.  My normal exchange (probably to=20
the chagrin of the speed demons in and out of WRTC) was "his call,
sig report, zone".  When I knew they did not get my call right, I made
it a point to send "my call, sig report, zone" or "his call, sign =
report, zone,=20
my call".  In all cases except one, folks picked up on the correction.

Oh well....things happen...

kg5u at hal-pc.org

From: 	 IK0HBN [SMTP:ik0hbn at isa.it]
Sent: 	Thursday, July 18, 1996 10:48 AM
To: 	frenaye at pcnet.com
Cc: 	cq-contest at tgv.com
Subject: 	Re: WRTC notes: W6D  (long)


believe me: I don't want starting a polemic....WRTC is over.
Sorry if judges wiped our qso only considering the matter I worked only =
As I wrote in my last message....why they ask us sending our partial =
logs to make better checks? I went in hurry to encode my .Bin file and a =
receipt was receiving here.....!!??
IMHO I mean that if one makes a mistake, correction would be the least =
thing to do.
You missed a multiplier and probably I will miss the lone souvenir from =
WRTC : your qsl card.
Sure is that if our qso was wiped, surely no label with my call up will =
be printed and rules are clear: do not send qsl card, Committee will =
send to all in the logs....hi.
So the offence will become double.
Any way to repair that? Do you need my .bin file? If needed, please let =
me know.
Ciao Sante.

Localita' Saineta, 3
01030 Bassano in Teverina (VT) Italy
home telephone: +39 (0) 761-407543  (FAX on request)
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