WRTC: A Judge Comments

Douglas L. Klein WD8AUB at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Jul 18 21:36:43 EDT 1996

De Syam wrote:

>                                          Very 73,
>                                      Fred Laun, K3ZO

I began to read this, and it was so interesting, that I had to STOP 
reading it when the following idea hit me:

I would much rather read that message in NCJ!!!  

Really, I think it should be printed.  Bruce, AA5B are you listening?
It gets tiring reading about everyone's Dxpeditions and contest entries. 
 (I know, I have co-authored one... hi)

I really didn't read the whole thing.  I am off to VE7 land, and would 
very much like to sit down over a cup of Java some weeknight (when the 
bands are crummy - which is often, these days), and read a real article.

Nice going Fred,  and keep the articles coming.  

Vy 73 to you also,


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