How Much does a DB Cost?

Zack Widup w9sz at
Thu Jul 25 09:07:46 EDT 1996

>DBs costs relate to the weather.  EVERYBODY knows that antennas worked
>on in a snowstorm (etc., you name the weather, like 30 below) produce more
>gain than those assembled in nice weather.  I am now assembling a HyTower
>in 110 degree plus effective temp. here in sunny Fla. and place all
>readers on alert to the killer signal it will output.  de K4VUD

Uh-Oh! You're getting close to one of the actual physical laws which 
govern antenna construction (and a well-kept secret of a few):


Most people in the "Black Hole" here either do not know this law or are 
too timid to appreciate its full importance, and so put up their antennas 
on nice, sunny Spring or Fall days. 

I have noticed a 20 dB improvement from an antenna put up on such a day 
to one put up on a -20 degree F (-29 degree C) Winter day. 

I am releasing this well-kept secret to the CONTESTING community at this 
time in order to hopefully avert the tide of deadly Fish Head Gas as a 
result of excessive anchovie paste consumption. 

Zack W9SZ

>From kb2hun at (William R Liporace)  Thu Jul 25 14:23:04 1996
From: kb2hun at (William R Liporace) (William R Liporace)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 09:23:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Towers in Advertisements
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I hope many of you do not mind, I was browsing thru a Builders Square flyer 
this morning, and noticed a couple of towers in the picture!!  It was 
nice to see them in the picture.  It may be a picture if a contester!
Heck, two towers in one city lot... I was wondering what was on top??

We need to see more of this more advertising :-)  Now we need Builders 
Square to start stocking tower products and allow easier purchases. I do 
not live next to a tower company, so it is not quite as easy as the local 
builders square!!
CUL Will 

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