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>I have the biggest HF MFJ antenna meter referenced in this thread.  In a
>very high RF environment, it will give screwy results (big surprize!).
>Our university club is about 500 feet from the campus radio FM xmitter and
>antenna.  Virually no reading on MFJ is reliable in this setting as found
>by direct experience.  So, maybe some other RF is getting to the others
>cited on this thread but in these other cases perhaps on only one freq. or
>another?  BTW, I really like the MFJ meter out here in the boondocks.

    I think that the MFJ-269 Antenna Analyzer is a nifty tool but I've run
into the same problems with RF getting into it.  My fix was to have a stack
of toroids on both ends of the feedline.  It leaves the shield cold and seems
to minimize nearby RF problems.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

>From MARKV at SNC-LAVALIN.COM (Vitaly Markhasin)  Thu Jul 25 18:18:31 1996
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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 13:18:31 -0400
Subject: Radiosport - Olympic Sport (just an idea)
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On 07/23/96 07:52am Fred Laun (K3ZO) wrote:

>>> De Syam <syam at Glue.umd.edu> 07/23/96 07:52am
The Washington Post for 23 July has an interesting article (p.
entitled: "Games People Really Play", detailing how bowling
tug-of-war, as two examples, are not Olympic sports and
how their 
partisans have been lobbying the IOC for years trying to get
recognized as Olympic sports.   The bowling lobby, for
instance, even 
constructs bowling lanes at every venue where the IOC
meets so the IOC 
members can sample its attractions.

The upshot of the article is that getting one's sport
recognized as an 
official Olympic sport is a long, uphill, and generally
battle of wining and dining IOC members, since the latter feel
that there 
are already too many official Olympic sports, making the
Summer Games an 
already unwieldy affair.

Do we, as practitioners of Radiosport, have something unique
to offer the 
IOC, such as "the perfect sport for the Information Age..."?

Since I don't have a scanner, I will send a copy of the article
question to K7SS by snail-mail.

                               Very 73,

                              Fred Laun, K3ZO         


Hello Fred, Hello all interested HAMs,
Is Radio sport has something to offer the IOC? Yes, yes &
I would like to share with all of you an idea that I have in my
mind for years but was afraid to talk about.
In 1924 Winter Olympics became a separate event. I strongly
believe that in year 2000 (or 2004 as the latest) another event
can take place - TECHNICAL Olympic Games!!!
To start, they would consist of:
Radio sport (HF/SW Communications CW/PHONE/RTTY),
Motorcycle racing, Parachute jumping, Gliding and others
that you can add.
All of the above sports are Amateur-type sports thus meeting
the Spirit of the Olympic Games.
World-wide Amateur Radio community is large enough (over
a million HAMs?) to start lobbying IOC and try to be
recognized as an official Technical Olympic Sport. And if the
best OPs of the World (like WRTC-96 team members,
"old-timers" from YASME, OH2BH and others) will take this
into their capable hands and start this long and difficult
process, may be some day (I hope soon) Radio sport will be
recognized as an official Olympic sport. I would be glad to
participate in this process!
What do you think?
GL, 73!
Vitaly (VE6JO)

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>>>>>>>>>> WE LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING YOU IN THE LOG <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
             73'S ES GOOD LUCK ALL GW6J IOTA EU-124

The WestNet DX Group in conjunction with the ADX CSG is very pleased 
to have been issued the special contest call  ....
                               G W 6 J
This call will be used for the first time in this years IOTA contest 
when the group will be active from YNYS MON (the Island of Anglesey),
IOTA Ref. EU-124.

                   IOTA CONTEST 27/28 JULY

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