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To all 

Just put  up my Old Wilson SY-1 tribander (26 ft  boom),side mounted at 40
ft. Have a 4 el monobander 26 ft boom also at 82 ft. Now has any one phased a
tribander and a monobander ???? and if so, does both in phase and out of
phase as well as single top and single bottom worth the effort. Everyone I've
asked has been skeptical. The purpose is for SS 96.  This my be the toughest
year for QRP class Sweeps Stakes but Just have to get that #1 one time, not
just the top 10 but #1. I  Need the edge.

Please any info is helpful, I have all info on stacking an matching but if
some one has tried it and it does'nt work, I will not bother to try. The
turning radius will not allow for a mono 20m to be sidemounted. Plus I would
need to add a mono on 15m someplace. 2el on 40m and 2el phased 80 loops make
up the lowbands but just want to try the phase !!!.


>From lew at (N7AVK)  Sun Jul 28 22:04:12 1996
From: lew at (N7AVK) (N7AVK)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 14:04:12 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Pearl Jam codeless techs?
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On Sun, 28 Jul 1996 K7LXC at wrote:

>      The new Pearl Jam album will be out in about a month and the name of it
> is NO CODE.
     The term "NO CODE" in this case could apply to those new Hams who
obtained their licenses without utilizing CW... although here it refers to
a medical decision not to resuscitate someone should their breathing or
heart stops. This can happen, particularly to certain Amateurs, as they
consider the first type of Ham mentioned above.
> Are they on the WRC committee or something?
      I can assure you they are not on the WRC committee, they declined
the invitation.  Believe that they fall under the "or something category"
> Is this subliminal advertising to the general population?
      Yes. For the bleak among us, having the words "NO CODE" as a tattoo
across the chest where the resuscitative paddles are placed is important.
For the truly spiritually destitute among us who have given up all hope,
this tattoo is placed across the forehead. This serves to identify this
sub-section of the population... much as the nose and nipple rings can
help to identify the Pearl Jam consumers.
> Are they contesters?
      Not in the radio sense.
>Is the world coming to an end?
      Yes... but I would go ahead and reserve a room for Dayton next year.
>Are sunspots ever going to return?
      Yes...I believe they will!
>      Back to the Olympics.
> 73,  Steve   K7LXC
      73 and I remain,        Lew

         Lew  Sayre   N7AVK               lew at
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         Salem, Oregon 97302              160M thru 1296MHz

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From: wb2nqt at (Mark Sihlanick) (Mark Sihlanick)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 21:54:39 GMT
Subject: Phase Stacking
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If I remember correctly NCJ had an article about stacking dissimilar yagis
and basically concluded that due to the physical differences in the element
spacings and that the elements on each antenna were not exactly veritcal
from corresponding element on the other antenna, that non-traditional (ie
not in or out of phase but rather some intermediate level) phasing would be
required to optimize the stack. However in your case with the similar boom
lengths and hopefull the same number of active elements and element spacing
it may well be worth a shot!   
If you have access to one of the antenna analysis programs it may well be
worth some time on the computer before putting it up.  Modeling of
tribanders usually consists of using the same element spacing and working
the element lengths to get what the perceived performance is for f/b and
gain, the monobander will fall out from the dimensions directly. 
Of course the easiest thing is to be sure of the polarity of the feedlines,
baluns etc. and just try it with a tee to feedlines of the same length. 
Don't worry about the match (since it will be off without a balun etc.) but
do some on the air checks for pattern sanity. 
Of course if you do decide to do it, put out a note on your results. 
gl, 73 
Mark wb2nqt at 

>From dleclair at (Cleve D Leclair)  Sun Jul 28 23:50:43 1996
From: dleclair at (Cleve D Leclair) (Cleve D Leclair)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 15:50:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Local Hwd Stores / Heil headphones
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Concerning Heil "broken part" call them, tell them and they will
send the part...It sounds like the "screw" broke...mine did...just
before field day.....

Cleve - N7IXG

>From reiska at (Reinaldo Leandro)  Mon Jul 29 00:17:40 1996
From: reiska at (Reinaldo Leandro) (Reinaldo Leandro)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 19:17:40 -0400
Subject: Heil headphones
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>An unrelated question:  Anyone have an e-mail address for Heil Sound?  Has 
>anyone ever sent a Heil headset back to them for repair - how are they? (I 
>broke the small plastic part that holds the earpiece onto the over-the-head 
>piece on one side because I packed my luggage too tight...).
>73 Tom
>E-mail: frenaye at  
>Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box 386, West Suffield CT 06093 Phone: 860-668-5444

 I fully agree with K4VUD. Bob Heil is a great guy. I had the opportunity of
listening to a short and brilliant remarks he made in the 1993 Dayton DX

The small brackets  can be ordered directly from Heil. You may get several
of them, two for yourself and the rest as gift. I did that and was very much
appreciated by my fellows members at the local DX Club. Almost everyone had
the brackets broken.

73 es DX de

Reinaldo, YV5AMH

>From reiska at (Reinaldo Leandro)  Mon Jul 29 00:17:38 1996
From: reiska at (Reinaldo Leandro) (Reinaldo Leandro)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 19:17:38 -0400
Subject: How Much does a DB Cost?
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>>|> Subject: Re: How Much does a DB Cost?
>>|> DBs costs relate to the weather.  ...
>>|                                                Work done in warm, sunny
>>|conditions on the other hand add a negative DB factor ... I just don't
>>|understand how anyone from Fla. can be heard on the bands.
>>I think it's the hurricanes.  Winds over 70 knots during antenna raising
>>boost the gain tremendously
>>	/J
>Maybe there are laws governing antenna performance not appreciated by us 
>Black Hole residents. We don't get hurricanes here, so I've never been 
>able to test that one.
>To my knowledge I am the only person alive who has attempted to put up an 
>antenna in a tornado, and it just came back down again.
>Zack W9SZ
>P.S. Have fun in IOTA contest!

In 1980, I was living in Helsinki, and the day that my antenna system was to
be raised a good Nordic snow storm arrived. The very good Finn ham radio
amateurs gathering for help assured me that in those latitudes no antenna
raised without snow were good performers. Maybe that is one of the OH
secrets ( besides big rotating towers, stacked antennas and above all their
dedication and operating skills )

73 es DX de

Reinaldo, YV5AMH

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