How Much does a DB Cost?

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> >>|> DBs costs relate to the weather.  ...

Reinaldo, YV5AMH said:

> In 1980, I was living in Helsinki, and the day that my antenna system was to
> be raised a good Nordic snow storm arrived. The very good Finn ham radio
> amateurs gathering for help assured me that in those latitudes no antenna
> raised without snow were good performers. Maybe that is one of the OH
> secrets ( besides big rotating towers, stacked antennas and above all their
> dedication and operating skills )

One of the things my first Elmer (Tom Ask, AC9L, coincidentally, of Norse
heritage) clued me in on was the "Antenna/Temperature Theorem. This therom
simply states that:

" An antenna's performance is inversely proportionate to the temperature
in which it was erected."

So, if you put up an antenna in 90-degree weather, it will have an
efficiency rating of 10 percent. Perhaps that is why all those antennas
that are put up in bitterly cold January weekends work so well.

Note that this theorem is based on the Farenheit scale. It would be an
interesting study to see how things worked in a Celcius scale.


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