30 vs 36 - the REAL point

BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com
Sat Jun 8 13:38:44 EDT 1996

that was wp2a5w, right?

A large factor in contesters' minds when it comes to vanity calls is a call
which can be comprehended not only fast but under weak signal long haul DX
times. Other hams like their initials, like Sam Hill.....N5SH (just joking).
This has been hashed out on this reflector before....the conclusion of course
was to avoid e/i/s/h in your call. If there is someone out there who knows
how to improve on s versus h recognition let ME know, I can use it. 

Indy watching, during a contest, especially when you don't know any of the
drivers! Who were those guys? I was watching some of indy during my break
times at our multi-single ....I was unimpressed....but heah, I am an ole
fart....bring back the great drivers like W4KFC, I mean Unser.

I think the point KM9P was trying to make wasn't that he wanted or needed
ahorter contests, N6TJ missed the point. I doubt seriously that KM9P has a
problem going 48 plus. I truly think that there isn't a contester out there
who would prefer a quicky contest versus a longer contest. It was that a
shorter contest will minimize geographical advantages usually enjoyed by the

If a limitted opening can be had by all, then everyone will be there....but
if a NE guy chooses to instead pursue another band beacuse he knows tha HE
can "always" work some "EU" on that first band because of a geographic brute
force advantage it places him better off. 

Of course any sane person knows the NE will almost always win, with few
exceptions....but when that magic weekend K4VX once wrote of comes  and
propagation is such that a non-NE station has a shot...then he will have a
chance to win not just place or show in a shorter contest...instead of a
rate-feast it will be a strategy-fest. 

Is that confusing enough?

Me - I like the longer contests...I never get on the air from my apartment
and so I relish my time on the air anymore....lets make the Sprints 12 hours
and the SS a Marathon 48 hour event! (Just kidding....talk about slow

Jim zx         k1zx at contesting.com

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