Why vanity calls on contest reflector?

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>Why is this barrage of comments on vanity calls on the contest reflector?

IMOH the comments about the abuse of the system seem to not fit the contest
reflector.  However, the comments about good/bad callsigns are relative.
 CONTESTING is the only reason I'm even considering giving up my 29+ year old
call.  It will be painful to give it up but not as painful, perhaps, as
yelling it/keying it during contests.

          CWMAN...I'D RATHER WORK CW!!!

>From Andrew at gi0nwg.demon.co.uk (Andrew Williamson)  Fri Jun 14 12:32:55 1996
From: Andrew at gi0nwg.demon.co.uk (Andrew Williamson) (Andrew Williamson)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 12:32:55 +0100
Subject: WRTC strategy and winners
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>K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
>>> It was obvious by looking at the logs from the Seattle WRTC that
>>> the packet spotting was taking place.
>> Don't forget that the judges will be looking for this and can - and
>> will - penalize a team for this type of favoritism.
>While not endorsing favoritism in the upcoming WRTC, I can't see HOW the 
>judges can fairly dole out penalties for perceived "packet favoritism".

Hi all,
  I think this would be quite easy to work out when you consider that a
number of DXclusters are connected to the Internet. After the event, one
of the judges could log in, type SH/DX/100 K6A and examine the resulting
list. If there are no comments, fine. But if there is something like
'K1AR/K1DG-go work 'em' in the comments field, (why does everyone pick
on Doug and John in examples??) then some action COULD be taken after
close scrutiny of the 'offending' log. No-one at WRTC wants this to

I hope everyone connected to DXclusters and contest clubs will respect
the organisers request to spot WRTC stations, but not put ANYTHING in
the comments field, even if you do recognise the operators.

If this request is not respected, then at the Atlanta Olympics every
other country should give the U.S. team a 100M head-start in the 400M
final. Sound crazy???, well spotting 'your' team would be something
similar, as there would no longer be a level playing field. It would
ruin what is going to be an otherwise superb event.

So guys (and gals), you could HARM your teams score by spotting them
with comments, and I don't think they would be too pleased about that.

73's, see you all at Motel 6 (I arrive 8th July). 
Andrew Williamson, GI0NWG (+G3OZF - U.K. team)
E-mail     : andrew at gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
One of the WestNet DX Gang.
Operations from EU006,007,103,106,124.

We will be active in the IOTA contest from EU-124.
Callsign wil probably be GW4VEQ/P.(Possibly special contest call).

>From bernie.mcclenny at mail.wdn.com (Bernie McClenny, WR3E)  Sat Jun 15 03:13:05 1996
From: bernie.mcclenny at mail.wdn.com (Bernie McClenny, WR3E) (Bernie McClenny, WR3E)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 19:13:05 -0700
Subject: Callsigns
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mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu wrote:
> The Vanity call program will have quite an impact on contesting
> beyond just the obvious "what was K5AM's old call?" questions--the
> who's who lists will be busy.
> Jerry, WN9JAT, I believe correctly gets the feeling that 10,000
> people have much the same lists for the first 25.  Unless people get
> creative, I can see individuals sending more than one list of 25 to
> the FCC!  Unfortunately, what will happen in Gate 2 is that a whole
> bunch of people will apply to change their "personal" club call.
> Thus, many of the best 1x2 calls will go to "clubs" where a good
> primary callsign already exists.  Unfortunately, many of these new
> club calls will receive little use.  IMHO the FCC should not have
> changed their rules to allow club calls to be changed in Gate 2 if
> the trustee is an extra.  I think the club calls should be allowed,
> and should be allowed to be changed, but only in Gate 4.  This was
> the way the wording I believe was originally intended.  How it got
> changed is anyone's guess.
> So, too late for the above, so I am still going to enjoy seeing what
> calls all the top contesters get for primary and secondary calls!
> Now we will have to remember two calls for a bunch of guys.
> Other contest related issues (and maybe DX):  In the middle of the
> CQWW a heavy duty contester who is also a heavy duty DXer works VK0WH
> with his new club call on 80 meters.  Well, he needs VK0 on 80 with
> his real call, so works him again.  Or this guy needs VS6 on 40, and
> the VS6 is a heavy duty contester who will submit a log--the first
> guy then works the VS6 with both calls.  Bonk!  Contest illegality.
> How many times in SS are we going to see log entries that go :
> 851 "primary call"  853 "club call" ?
> You see what I mean.  I guess I have used up my share of callsigns,
> and they have all been pretty bad, so whatever I get I will be happy
> with because "I" chose it.
> The QSL printers, badge makers, and call book people are sure going
> to love this program.
> 73, Dave Patton, WX3N - not expecting to get any of my top 20.
> No, I don't have a club call.Dave after you get ur new call u won't know what to send:
de Bernie

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