Jastaples at aol.com Jastaples at aol.com
Sun Jun 30 01:34:45 EDT 1996

He was always there. I never doubted that he would answer my call. 

Even before I met him, he was a friend. Afterwards, it was always a bit more
satisfying knowing he was in the log. 

What better way to appreciate the strong bonds we form as we engage in the
sport of  contesting than to see the outpouring of respect that has passed
across this

We are diminished.

73 Chas SK

Joe, W5ASP

>From reiska at ven.net (Reinaldo Leandro)  Sun Jun 30 05:38:44 1996
From: reiska at ven.net (Reinaldo Leandro) (Reinaldo Leandro)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 00:38:44 -0400
Subject: abbreviations
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Dear OMs...

Being new to the reflector and english not my mother language can any one
tell me what IMHO and BTW means.

Thans very much
73 es DX de 

Reinadldo, YV5AMH

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