40 meter kit-CREATE

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Wed May 1 01:28:10 EDT 1996

I have a 3-bands yagi beam antenna, type 418 jr CREATE. Anybody kmows if a
kit for the 40 meters band exist.

>From jneiger at xti.com (James B. Neiger)  Thu Apr  4 21:28:46 1996
From: jneiger at xti.com (James B. Neiger) (James B. Neiger)
Date: Thu,  4 Apr 96 13:28:46 PST
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I always thought that one of the fundamental benefits of contesting was 
that it gave you an opportunity TO OPERATE.  Therefore, I don't understand 
these earnest desires by KM9P, VK5GN, and others to actually SHORTEN 
contests.  At the rate we're going, the contests of the future will be one 
hour long so that we can all sit around and use the remaining 47 hours to 
contemplate why contesting is dying and they're no longer fun.

As a serious contest expeditioner, I truly welcomed the move of the WPX 
from 30 hours to 36 hours, and I'd be even happier if it was extended to 
48 hours.  And contrary to what KM9P apparently believes, some of us are 
still doing 48-straight, and lovin' it.  I liken the 48-hour contest to 
running the marathon where endurance should be (and is) a definite measure 
of total skill.  And if senior citizens like N6TJ, OH2MM, and others can 
still do 48-straight, why can't these young whipper-snappers today cut the 

                       Vy 73

                           Jim Neiger   N6TJ

                           jneiger at xti.com

>From kc7v at earthlink.net (Mike Fulcher)  Sun Apr 14 12:23:51 1996
From: kc7v at earthlink.net (Mike Fulcher) (Mike Fulcher)
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 12:23:51 +0100
Subject: CT v9.26 and FT-1000MP
Message-ID: < at earthlink.net>

Run ct in dos and try a null modem cable between the 1000mp and your computer.


At 15:22 10/23/96 -0400, Jack Trampler wrote:
>I am trying to interface my FT-1000MP with CT ver. 9.26 and am running
>into difficulties.  I keep getting alternating messages saying "YAESU
>Read Radio Timeout" and "YAESU Radio Timeout".  I have the COM port set
>to N82 and 4800 BPS and no signalling.  I have tried it on both COM2 and
>COM3, and have also tried the XON, RTS, DSR signalling options.  I get
>no responses either way, however the CAT light on the MP flashes every
>now and then.
>I also tried the above, but with the FT-1000D selection.  I get the same
>messages, however, I am able to change bands on the rig using the Alt+F1
>or Alt+F2 keystrokes.  Nothing else seems to function.
>Has anyone successfully connected the 'MP to CT or does anyone have any
>ideas?  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance to everyone who
>Good Luck in the Contest(s)!!!
>73, Jack
>packet: KB2NY at W3BI.#EPA.PA.USA.NA  e-mail: kb2ny at fast.net
                         Mike Fulcher KC7V
                     One of the "VOO-DOODS"
                       VooDoo Contest Group
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