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>>170' and 310' away from the house, and the plan is to use 8' 4X4's buried
>>2' and spaced every 10'.  A "U" shaped bracket will hold a 1/4" guy wire on
>>4X4, and the the cable runs attached to the guy wire.  There will be
>>five 3/4"
>>CATV, and 6 control line/ rotator cables coming from each tower.  Any
>>on your installation, or installations that you have seen would be greatly
>>for tips.

Scott, elevated cable runs are an open invitation for lightning and other
problems.Use em if you have to, but be aware of the dangers!

73 Tom

>From Fabio (I4UFH)" <i4ufh at contest.dsnet.it  Fri May  3 20:53:47 1996
From: Fabio (I4UFH)" <i4ufh at contest.dsnet.it (Fabio (I4UFH))
Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 21:53:47 +0200
Subject: Ari Contest Rules & Activity
Message-ID: <318A644B.1BC2 at contest.dsnet.it>

ARI International Dx Contest 1996

It's a world-wide competition: everybody can work everybody.

Each first full week-end of May from 2000z Saturday till 2000z Sunday.
In 1996 it will be on May 4/5
in 1997            on May 3/4
in 1998            on May 2/3
in 1999            on May 1/2

1.Single Operator - CW
2.single Operator - SSB
3.single Operator - RTTY
4.single Operator - Mixed
5.multi Operator  - Single TX - Mixed
6.SWL - Single Operator - Mixed

10m thru 160m (RTTY: 10m thru 80m),except WARC bands,are allowed according
to IARU Band Plans. Band and mode can be changed only after 10 minutes you
have been on it.

Italian station will sent RST + two letters to identify their province.
Other  stations will send RST + a serial number from 001.

1.Each Italian province (103) count 1 (one) multiplier;
2.each DXCC country (except I & IS0) count 1 (one) multiplier;
The same multiplier (country/province) can be counted once and only once
for band.
The 103 Italian provinces (by call-area)are:
I1  - AL, AT, BI, CN, GE, IM, NO, SP, SV, TO, VB, VC
IX1 - AO
I2  - BG, BS, CO, CR, LC, LO, MI, MN, PV, SO, VA
I3  - BL, PD, RO, TV, VE, VR, VI
IN3 - BZ, TN
IV3 - GO, PN, TS, UD
I4  - BO, FE, FO, MO, PR, PC, RA, RE, RN
I5  - AR, FI, GR, LI, LU, MS, PI, PO, PT, SI
I6  - AN, AP, AQ, CH, MC, PS, PE, TE
I7  - BA, BR, FG, LE, MT, TA
I8  - AV, BN, CB, CE, CZ, CS, IS, KR, NA, PZ, RC, SA, VV
I0  - FR, LT, PG, RI, Roma (or RM), TR, VT
IT9 - CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR, TP, AG
IS0 - CA, NU, SS, OR

1.QSO/HRD with own country counts 0 (zero) point but is good for the
2.QSO/HRD with own continent counts 1 (one) point.
3.QSO/HRD with different continent counts 3 (three) points.
4.QSO/HRD with any Italian (I & IS0) station counts 10 points.
The same station can be contacted on the same band once on SSB/CW/RTTY but
only the first QSO is good for multipliers'credit.
Please remember that I (Italy) and IS0 (Sardinia Island) are NOT

The sum of QSO/points from all bands times the sum of multipliers from all

Listeners have the same rules of OM. The same station cannot appear mor than
3 (three) times on every band regardless of mode, as a correspondent.

Separate logs are necessary for each band.Logs must show all the QSOs'data.
A summary sheet is required showing all the scoring details, class of entry,
name callsign, full address of the applicant, callsign of other operators
and signed declaration. Logs must be mailed within 30 days from the end of
the contest and adressed to:
ARI Contest Manager Paolo Cortese, I2UIY - P.O.BOX 14 - I-27043 Broni (PV)

VERY IMPORTANT: Logs on diskette are very welcome and accepted in
substitution of paperlogs.Please send us your log on diskette. Accepted
formats are: N6TR,K1EA,ASCII is well as the MS/DOS software distributed FREE
of cost from the Contest Commitee. A printed summary sheet must always be

*Disqualification my apply for:
1.excessive number of unmarked duplicates (more than 2%) ;
2.violation of the "10 minutes rule" (either for band and mode);
3.excessive declared score (more than 5% );
4.log without the summary sheet.
5.each duplicate contact removed by the Contest Committee means a penalty of
3     QSOs;
6.each multiplier counted twice or more on the same band means a penalty of
2     multiliers;
7.each not-existing or unverifiable station logged means a penalty of 5 QSOs;
8.instead disualify a log,the Committee may decide to penalize it by erasing
a   percentage of its score.

A plaque with a certificate will be awarded to the top scoring station in
each class. Special plaques can be awarded by the Contest Committee if
country/continental/call-area partecipation will justify the decision. A
certificate will be awarded to No. 2,3,4,5 top scoring stations in each
class as well as to the top scoring stations in each country in each class.

Two very attractive, large size plaques will be awarded by Santa Barbara
Contesters to keep alive the memory of IN3ANE,Pietro Fiorito.The plaques
will be assigned to OM:the best score achieved by a OM under 21 years of
oge; SWL: the best score achieved by a SWL under 18 years of age. In order
to qualify these awards, entrants must clearly state theur age and birth dte
on the summary sheet.

An IBM-compatible software to administrate this contest us awaiable FREE of
cost. It can be used on real-time or either the contest. It calculates
points, multipliers and score, you have just to type the callsign and the
received report. It prints logs,summary and dupe sheets as well as QSL
labels. It has PacketCluster capability. An updated version is now
available, revised and modified. The software can be received by sending to
the Contest Manager 5 US Dollars or 10 IRCs to cover the diskette and
postage expenses.


Good Luck in Contest!

See you in the Contest from I4UFH, I will be SOP SSB with IR4T callsign.

e-mail i4ufh at contest.dsnet.it

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