Tnx Info abt AL 811 Amp.

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Fri May 3 16:44:25 EDT 1996

Thanks  for  all  people that gave information about AL 811. Including hints to
have  1  kw with 3 572B tubes in place of 811 ! ! ! Well, will be hard to think
about, because I'll have FT 1000 MP during Hamvention, and will hard to get the
amplifier, too. Let's think!! Thanks for help and 73...   PY2NY  --  Vitor

>From RONALD KLEIN <0002104829 at>  Sat May  4 03:56:00 1996
From: RONALD KLEIN <0002104829 at> (RONALD KLEIN)
Date: Fri, 3 May 96 21:56 EST
Subject: Fwd: Re: Elevated Guywire Anchor Posts
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-- [ From: Ron Klein * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

Why not just dig the hole, forget the forms and pour the concrete? Thats the
way my 3 towers were done. The neighbors haven't complained about the
irregularity of the sides of the concrete <g>

Oh, and the towers haven't fallen yet...


Ron - W0OSK

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> Date: Tuesday, 23-Apr-96 09:49 AM
> From: John Brosnahan           \ Internet:    (broz at
> From: John Brosnahan           \ Internet:    (broz at
> To:   Ron Klein                \ MCI Mail:    (RKLEIN / MCI ID: 210-4829)
> Subject: Re: Elevated Guywire Anchor Posts
> At 07:02 AM 4/23/96 CDT, you wrote:
> >When pouring concrete for the base or guy anchors is it OK to use
> >plywood forms and leave the forms in the ground after the concrete has
> >set? Or should the forms be removed to let the concrete set-up against
> >the earth? I've heard both ways and would like to know what the
> >conventional wisdom says. Thanks.
> >
> >73
> >Kris AA5UO
> >mraz at
> Rohn Drawing C-641208-R3 states in NOTE 5.  All forms MUST be removed from
> concrete before placing compacted backfill.
> 73  John  W0UN
> John Brosnahan  
> La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA
> voice 970-284-6602            fax 970-284-0979           email broz at

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>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at>  Sat May  4 17:35:00 1996
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at> (Doug Grant)
Date: Sat, 4 May 96 11:35 EST
Subject: Krassi in ARRL DX SSB
Message-ID: <02960504163520/0006008716DC2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Fred had most of the details about Krassi correct, except:

1. He was NOT at KY1H for ARRL SSB - he was at KC1XX. I saw him there.

2. He did most of the 20M operating at XX. He did not have the highest QSO
total on the band (we won M/2 anyway, since he was "in the pack" at 1700-1800
QSOs and a decent mult).

3. He is *not* an N1; he now holds an AA1 call (which I cannot recall).

THe aprt Fred *did* get correct is that Krassi is a shall I say this...
VERY tenacious operator. He so successfully intimidated KC1F at KC1XX during
ARRL CW that Stu felt compelled to ask Krassi for permission to change bands,
take a break, or even breathe.

Krassi will (along with LZ2PO) represent Bulgaria in hte WRTC96 competition in
SF. I do not believe he will be nominated for the Mr.Congeniality award 
(see KQ2M's post WPX posting in this regard - Krassi was the guy who did
mono-20 from KC1XX in WPX SSB...), however, he could very possibly walk off
with one of those medal things. He is an excellent CW op, and has great
SSB ears as well.

And you should see him scamper up KC1XX's 190-footer in a raging blizzard.


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