Little lots 'n' tall towers

KY2P at KY2P at
Wed May 8 20:30:02 EDT 1996

Well!  I received 12 responses in 24 hours about
my query on putting tall towers on a small lot.
Thanks AA6MC, KR2Q, KD6QK, N3RR, AA1K,
KI6VY, and the gentleman whose station got me
wondering, N0YVY.
Summary: That towers won't break at the base in
general and set back restrictions from property lines
reflect this in many municipalities.  KR2Q was the
only one who mentioned possible liability problems
aside from city/county regulations if the tower should
fall on a neigbors' house, which was really what I was
concerned about even more than possible city
restrictions.   For you who asked:  The house I am
buying is inside the city limits of Knoxville, TN, and
when I called the city gov't looking for information, I
was hooked up with John Van Hoos, WA4OHS, who
oversees this type of thing - having a ham there really
made it easy to get my questions answered, with him
having a tower of his own in Knoxville.  There are no
height restrictions.  No building permit necessary.
Tower-friendly if I ever saw it.  I did not get the set-back
limitation, however, and that will be my first question

73 and thanks again             Scott KY2P

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