power limiting

Paul Fischer pff at bfs.uwm.edu
Thu May 9 09:37:41 EDT 1996

Hi. I am having a problem limiting power output from my hf rig to my 
amplifier. I have built a 300 watt FET amp that has around 26db gain 
and requires almost no drive. In fact, if you over drive the least 
amount the FET is toast! I have toasted 2 so far. These devices a 
very expensive. I need a way to limit the output of my rig to say 1 
watt. What seems to be happening is the drive pot is not linear and 
turning it just a little to far and wham there goes another FET. I am not 
sure what I could introduce between the output of my rig and the amp 
without disturbing the rf. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

>From Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN <U9556982 at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK>  Thu May  9 19:53:08 1996
From: Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN <U9556982 at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK> (Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN)
Date: Thu, 09 May 96 14:53:08 EDT
Subject: Contesting in G, DL and PA this summer
Message-ID: <9605091353.AA09190 at ash22.causeway.qub.ac.uk>

Sorry about the last posting which I sent to the reflector by
I have just found out my summer holiday plans which involve working
in England (probably Liverpool) from mid-June to end of July,
followed by 4 weeks in Kleve, Germany in August (close to the border
with PA).
If anyone is planning a multi-op in any of the contests happening
about then WAE, IARU, AA or somesuch please give me an E-mail.


Gerard Lynch
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Belfast, N.Ireland

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