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Thu May 9 11:10:51 EDT 1996

I STRONGLY urge everyone on the list to read two sources of information...

1.  THE LIGHTNING BOOK , Peter E. Viemeister, Doubleday & Company, Inc.,
 Garden City, New York  1961.  This can be had through the library on an
interloan request...   stack number   537.83   V67
This is the definitive text on lightning and is must reading to consider
yourself an educated contestor....

     B...  STRIKING NEWS,   VOL 3, NUMBER 1  Feb 94  - specifically on ham

All by PolyPhaser Co. 2225 Park Place,  PO Box 9000, Minden, Nv  89423-9000,
advertised in most ham mags... Yes, they are trying to sell their products,
but in the process they will educate the heck out of you...

Denny    k8do at

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Date: Thu, 09 May 96 10:07:41 -0500
Subject: Dayton Contest Banquet Update
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For your information, there are still tickets available for the Dayton 
contest banquet on Saturday, May 18th. It's too late to mail tickets at 
this point, however I will be bringing a limited number to Dayton.

If you are interested in obtaining tickets at Dayton, please let me know 
via return E-Mail. You will be able to purchase them from me at CQ's 
booth any time prior to the dinner on a first-come, first-served basis 
until I run out.

Also, a long-running tradition has changed. Stouffers has officially 
changed their name. It's now called the Crowne Plaza. Other than that, 
it's the same place...same lousy 2AM pizza, same lobby, same crowded 
elevators. BTW, they do have a new # if you need it: 513-224-0800. 

73 John, K1AR

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Date: Thu, 09 May 96 10:54:12 cst
Subject: Re[2]: Little lots 'n' tall towers
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We used the same study when fighting for the local anteena ordinance. The 
70% was a 'politically derived' number - we wanted 40%.


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Subject: RE: Little lots 'n' tall towers
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Date:    5/8/96 8:29 PM

I came across a study of commercial towers about ten years ago by some NJ 
engineering firm. They studied how large towers failed (300-2000' towers) and 
concluded that in all of the failures they studied (I don't remember how 
many) none had fallen farther from the base than 30% of the height.  (It 
isn't certain that smaller towers would fail in the same way.)  I think the 
details ended up with Chris Imlay, N3AKD, the ARRL's general counsel.

73 Tom

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