Rohn tower bolts - was Rhon tower bolts

george fremin iii geoiii at
Sat May 11 19:37:28 EDT 1996

>      YES, hardware stores can have SAE grade 5  bolts but NO they are not
>the fine thread variety that Rohn (that's R-o-h-n) specifies.  I haven't been
>able to find them off-the-shelf even in nut and bolt stores here is
>Washington State.  And watch out, since  many hardware store varieties are
>cadmium plated or some other "non-suitable" for outdoor use finish.

The bolts that were in the leg of the Rhon 25g tower section
that I got from Texas towers last month had what looked like
SAE 5 platted bolts in it.  I was able to buy bolts at 
my local hardware store that were the NF (fine thread) that
looked just like the bolts that I unpacked from the 
25g tower leg.  The bolts were not the galvanized 
bolts that I had seen in 25g/45g tower (new) that I have
installed before.  This was used on a short tower and
I plan on checking the bolts as it ages.


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