Don't work me in WPX

David Robbins ky1h at
Wed May 22 01:02:25 EDT 1996

Barry Kutner wrote:
> P.S. I support N6TJ's suggestion in the recent NCJ alternating CQWW CW
> and SSB weekends each year.

amen on that... and how about doing the same for wpx which has a bigger 
split and much worse conditions for cw.  we often have to shutdown for 
several hours in wpx cw for thunderstorms and the low bands are much 
noisier from thunderstorms in other areas even if we don't get them 

btw, if you work ky1h it's a pirate also... wz1r will be here again this 
year.  and we will be on 160m!

ky1h at   or   robbins at

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