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Tue May 21 23:21:00 EDT 1996

Responding to the lack of "Newbie" participation in MY favorite 
contest (SS)...
[ Gimme a break, its hard to work DX contests barefoot from VE4 
land at the BEST of times, never mind at Sunspot minimums. Its 
the only 'test I have a half assed chance of doing well in]

I wish to announce the creation of a NEW Plaque to be awarded for 
each mode in SS.

The idea behind it was so stimulate participation by contest 
newcomers and recognize their achievements. We all started out at 
one time or another and I felt it would be nice to encourage some 
of the recently licensed SS entrants. We're always complaining 
about the lack of new blood. He is a way to stimulate 

I spoke with Billy Lunt during Dayton and he agreed that it would 
be a good idea. I just need to put down on paper the exact 
requirements and stipulations for awarding of the plaques. (I am 
sponsoring one each for SSB and CW)

Here's how it looks so far:

Rookie defined:
An amateur licensed during the last TWO calendar years before SS. 
eg/  For SS 96,  Rookies could be licensed in calendar year 1995 
OR 1996. 
I used the 2 year timeframe because I felt that 11 months may not 
be enough time for some of the newer contesters to get their feet 
wet (especially in CW). All rookies must use their year of 
licensure during the contest exchange, even though they may be 
operating a club station or location other than their home 
station. The idea is to make sure we know who is a rookie even   
if they use a different call or club call. We want to know WHO 
they are DURING the contest. Single Op ONLY, NO packet spots 
allowed. Best score wins. 

Proof of licensure must be submitted at the time of log 
submission. Envelopes must be clearly marked with "SS Rookie" on 
the front. NO license submitted ?..automatic "Nonrookie" status, 
no matter what year you were licensed. (Billy and the boys at 
ARRL have enough paperwork to do, we must impress upon those 
wishing to qualify for the plaque that it is up to THEM to make 
it as easy as possible for the ARRL.) The only problem I see is 
the need to send additional paper (copy of license) in the case 
of electronic log submission. Most rookies will want Pins or mugs 
anyway so they might as well send a copy of their license with 
their $$.

This is where I am open to suggestion. I think that most Rookies 
are likely to be running A Precedence so I think it may be a good 
idea to limit contestants to A power. ( Hey ! I said 2 plaques 
NOT 4 !!) "A" category seems to be the most popular by numbers 
and IMO , most newbies will not be running an amp.

I am prepared to sponsor the plaques ( in perpetuity) if the 
response is favorable and if the contest community thinks it is 

Finally, PLEASE make a conscious effort to thank each SSB 
participant with a check year of 1996. I know that this can be 
tough at times, but as the winner of the 1995 L.P. Phone plaque I 
can tell you that it is not that difficult to end the QSO with a 
short " Welcome to SS" or "Enjoy the contest". I think it makes a 
BIG difference in encouraging newcomers to answer us and 
acknowledges that we too did start out at one time .

Billy has agreed to place a "Feature Box" in the Ovtober SS 
announcement, in order to highlight the award and "talk it up". 
I'd like you SS hotshots out there to help me publicize this 
award BEFORE SS.

Suggestions/comments welcome. Please submit them to me directly 
and I will summarize if I get enough responses. The paperwork 
will probably go in to ARRL within a couple of few weeks.

Rob Kaufmann VE4GV
rkaufman at

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From: kj5yf at (Larry Johnson) (Larry Johnson)
Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 03:32:46 -0700
Subject: Where to send comments re FASC position
Message-ID: <BMSMTP8327605040kj5yf at>

Jim (and everyone else):

I extracted the IARU FASC Position paper via my browser and saved it as a text
file. If there is anyone who does not have web access and wants a copy of the
text file, I can send it to them as an attachment via email. Just email me
directly to my address: KJ5YF at WT.NET and I'll send it out. 

Please don't send a request via the reflector, not a good use of bandwidth.
Likewise, I would suggest that it would not be advisable to simply post to the
reflector due to it's size. Not everyone wants to receive a 59k document, and I
don't want Trey sending bad vibes to my computer and rig two days before WPX.  

73 and gl in the 'test...
* Larry Johnson
* <KJ5YF @ WT.NET>

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