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Wed May 22 09:52:27 EDT 1996

Check out my collection of Dayton photos at

It includes a few contesters and dxers.


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>From k8mr at (Jim Stahl)  Wed May 22 14:34:14 1996
From: k8mr at (Jim Stahl) (Jim Stahl)
Date: Wed, 22 May 96 09:34:14 EDT
Subject: Another New ARRL Section
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I just noticed a short announcement in the May 13 ARRL Letter,
page 4:
"Newfoundland-Labrador will become a new Canadian section in the
wake of recent decision by the Radio Amateurs of Canada board.
The RAC says that the move is an effort to address "the unique
and special needs and aspirations" of the area. "
There is no effective date listed.
It looks like the SS coffee mug will become a bit more difficult. 
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