JKAHRS at delphi.com JKAHRS at delphi.com
Sat May 25 15:37:12 EDT 1996

On 23-MAY-1996 19:21:41.0 ik0hbn said to JKAHRS
   > Thanks for spending time reading this message....
   > I am looking for the E-MAIL of W4ETO. In the summary appared on the
   > reflector few weeks ago, inherent to AMPLIFIERS, Brian gave for W4eto
   > address the following : jkahrs at delphi.com , but it seems an
   >error..nobody answers from there....
   > If you have a fix for that, please mail direct to me.
   > Thank you....ciao Sante


This is message number 2 concerning my e-mail address.

I am Hank Kahrs, K2UVG, jkahrs at delphi.com and NOT W4ETO or any way connected
with ETO.  Brian did NOT give the address for ETO, you just assumed it was.
I had commented on my ETO 91B and made reference to Ray Heaton and you
thought I was Ray.

I cannot help you with an e-mail address for ETO  or W4ETO or Ray Heaton.

73, Hank/K2UVG
jkahrs at delphi.com

>From pgerba at crl.com (Peter Gerba)  Sat May 25 19:32:51 1996
From: pgerba at crl.com (Peter Gerba) (Peter Gerba)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 11:32:51 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: License Testing Requirements
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960525112834.29397B-100000 at crl2.crl.com>

Hi Ed;

Our local VE group (Berkeley, CA) see a number of "No Code" failures at 
each test session.  I think most retest until they pass.

pete, kn6bi
pgerba at crl.com

On Sat, 25 May 1996 k4sb at avana.net wrote:

> If the requirement for CW is deleted, what will be the purpose of different classes
> of licenses. If you are given the book, with all the questions, and all the 
> answers, who can't pass. You might as well just eliminate the testing.
> That will be a sad day.
> 73, ED
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> Name: ed sleight
> E-mail: k4sb at avana.net
> Date: 05/25/96
> Time: 18:23:53
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>From KR2Q at worldnet.att.net (Douglas Zwiebel)  Sat May 25 22:06:30 1996
From: KR2Q at worldnet.att.net (Douglas Zwiebel) (Douglas Zwiebel)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 21:06:30 GMT
Subject: testing Q&A
Message-ID: <199605252106.VAA13657 at mailhost.worldnet.att.net>

Recently SOMEONE said:
>If you are given the book, with all the questions, and all the answers,
>who can't pass[?].

Gee...when I took my GENERAL (1966) and ADVANCED test exams, I used the ARRL
license manual which had ALL THE QUESTIONS and ALL THE ANSWERS.  Hmmmm.....

de Doug  KR2Q at worldnet.att.net

>From kr4dl at mindspring.com (Steven R. Schmidt)  Sat May 25 22:16:51 1996
From: kr4dl at mindspring.com (Steven R. Schmidt) (Steven R. Schmidt)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 17:16:51 -0400
Subject: 1000MP and CT
Message-ID: < at pop.atl.mindspring.com>

I spent this morning reworking my com ports and trying to get CT to
interface with the rig; no luck.  I changed to port 1, irq 4 for the radio
control, set the comtsr1 for 4800 baud, 8n2, and the "CAT" light on the rig
just blinks non-stop.  Works fine with DXBase..is anyone else using the
1000MP with CT interfaced?  I'm getting frustrated.
73,  Steve  KR4DL (no longer 26)

>From fgrisafi at mbox.vol.it (Fabio - IT9GSF)  Sun May 26 00:25:12 1996
From: fgrisafi at mbox.vol.it (Fabio - IT9GSF) (Fabio - IT9GSF)
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 01:25:12 +0200

Hello Guys !

I wish to edit a 30 minutes video and a short video clip about contest stations
without business purpouses.

I work in the Italian TV (RAI) as a producer and I can edit all the standards
with a non linear computer editing line...so no problem with NTSC or PAL.

Please, send to my address your videos...I'll put them in a 30 minutes film that
I'm building. You will receive a copy of the final video.

I tried to do likewise some years ago....but I putted the announcement in the
BBS network and received an answer only from the big contest station PA3COM.
I need
many cassettes to do a real good job and I believe that the cq-contest
mailing list
will work better !

I prefere BETACAM cassettes but VHS are also OK if of good quality.

73s and have good DX from IT9GSF/IG9A (1st world highclaimed score CQWW SSB
40 MTS).



My Address: Fabio Grisafi, IT9GSF - via Ferrari Orsi 85 - 90123 PALERMO - ITALY

>From va3wto at pathcom.com (VA3WTO,Rui)  Sun May 26 00:31:57 1996
From: va3wto at pathcom.com (VA3WTO,Rui) (VA3WTO,Rui)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 19:31:57 -0400
Subject: Ameriton AL-1200 Mod info.
Message-ID: < at pathway1.pathcom.com>

Hello dear friend`s,AL-1200 USER`S,please i do need info on wow to mod. the
AL-1200 to get the 10/12 meter`s operating,i just got the amp and once a
open to install the transformer and tube,i will like to do that
modefication,because other way i will have to rght to ameritron and request
for the info paper`s and that can take 3 week`s,well my intention is to get
all job done at once.
Tank you in advance for any info.
73 de Rui.
           VA3WTO                                  Email: va3wto at pathcom.com
    / / /  Rui Wittwer                             Phone:416 656-5728		
   / / /   307 Caledonia rd                            
  \ / /    Toronto Ontario      VA3WTO is a member of the VA3SK contest team
 / \ /     M6E-4T4 Canada       please call us at the major Contests  
/ /|\
 / /
/ /|
 / |
/  | 

>From thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson)  Sat May 25 23:53:48 1996
From: thompson at mindspring.com (David L. Thompson) (David L. Thompson)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 18:53:48 -0400
Subject: 160 meter Contest Certificates status
Message-ID: <199605252344.TAA24591 at borg.mindspring.com>

I am working on the 1995 Cq WW 160 certificates and have about 30% complete.
Have patience.

We have gotten paid for 16 plaques so if you sponsor a plaque and have not
sent your $40 to Nancy NK4U please do so now!   Several sponsors are
dropping out so will need volunteers to fill their sponsorship.  These are
mainly zone awards or continent awards.

I will show the top 80 scores on both modes regardless of class for 1996
claimed scores.  I am also listing the top 5 clubs claimed scores, too.
This will go to CQ next Tiuesday for August 1996 CQ print.

I have this file in Microsoft Works (planning to move to ACCESS next year),
ASCII and WordPerfect 5.1 and am looking for the best way to put on the
several web pages.  Any help is appreciated.   Probably Ascii text.

73, Dave K4JRB
CQ WW 160 Contest Diorector

>From jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Sun May 26 02:10:10 1996
From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 15:10:10 -1000
Message-ID: < at aloha.net>

>Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 15:09:10 -1000
>To: iaru at iaru.org
>From: Jim Reid <jreid at aloha.net>
>Subject: TO IARU FASC
>To the IARU FASC 
>I would suggest the following to be considered as the world-wide
>licensing structure for Amateur Radio in the 21st Century. These
>ideas are based upon many ideas I have read on various internet
>forums/reflectors in the immediate past days.  Little of it
>is my own thinking!
>Whatever the future Amateur operating spectrum bands are determined
>to be made available by the ITU between 1.8 and 30 mHz,  each band
>should be divided,  in some manner (proportions to be determined)
>among three types of Amateur operating activiy: CW, digital mode,
>and analog mode.  All countries will issue only three classes
>of Amateur Operating/Station licesnes.  The two higher grade
>licenses,  General and Expert,  will be endorsable with one, two or 
>three operating privilege certifications:  CW band access; digital
>mode band access;  analog mode band access.  The licensee may hold any
>or all of the endorsements as his interests in learning the material
>and passing the tests to earn the endorsements is demonstrated by
>appropriate examination.
>This idea compilation would result in something similar to the
>following set of license classes:
> Novice---- 28mhz and up...no code (stimulates HF interest); basic
>                           electronics and radio theory, rules and basic
>                           phone modulation theory (SSB and FM) and
operating procedures tests.
> General----- 18mhz and up ...Hold/pass Novice elements as above,
>                              plus HF propogation theory test and
>                              HF band rules as applicable, 18 to 30mHz.,
>                              plus  8 WPM code for access endorsment 
>                              for CW subbands; or, plus digital mode theory
>                              for access endorsment to digital
>                              mode subbands; or,  plus analog mode (SSB,
>                              SSTV) theory for access endorsement
>                              to the phone subbands; or any two or all
>                              three privilege endorsements.
> Expert---- All Amateur Bands...Hold/pass Novice and General elements
>                                as above, plus advanced radio and lower
>                                band propogation theory; plus 13 WPM for
>                                access endorsment for CW subbands;
>                                or, plus advanced digital mode theory
>                                for access endorsement to digital mode
>                                subbands; or, plus advanced analog mode
>                                theory for access endorsement to the
>                                phone subbands; or, any two or all
>                                three privilege endorsements. 
>The phone guys get no CW privileges. The CW guys get no Phone priviliges
>until passing the corresponding test in that class to earn the privilege
>certification endorsement
>All nation's amateurs use the present European  amateur band frequency
>operating plans.  An amateur licensed by any nation signatory to the
>ITU treaty, may operate,  with his certified operating endorsements,
>in any other treaty nation with notification to that nation's proper
>Such a licensing structure would remove the need for those amateurs
>to learn CW code and skills to gain access to any of the world-wide
>Amateur Radio Operating HF operating bands, and the frequency
>segments available to each type of operating mode would be recognized
>by all nations in all bands 1.8 to 30 mHz.
>Should a nation choose not to license amateurs for CW operating,
>they would have no need to spend money,  or otherwise be
>troubled by the need to give and certify CW code operation
>or skills.  They might,  for example,  choose only to offer
>that nation's radio amateurs the analog phone test and operating
>license certification privilege: the least costly to them of any of
>the three types of license for amateur radio operation.
>Just some thoughts for consideration,  and to, I hope also defuse
>the debate about CW Morse code and the "world-wide reaching"
>amateur radio HF spectrum operating service/hobby.
>73,  Jim Reid, AH6NB
>On the Garden Island of Kauai
>jreid at aloha.net

>From aa7bg at initco.net (AA7BG Matt Trott)  Sun May 26 02:53:26 1996
From: aa7bg at initco.net (AA7BG Matt Trott) (AA7BG Matt Trott)
Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 19:53:26 -0600
Subject: Dayton
Message-ID: <199605260153.TAA21978 at zeus.initco.net>

>4. Be nice to new guys, or we'll all run out of people to work.

 ...and that ain't all!

I sure hope all you old guys are getting your exercise and watching your
diets or us young bucks (37 years old) may also run out of people to work.
AA7BG			   aa7bg at 3rivers.net		    Matt Trott

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