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Mon May 27 05:24:57 EDT 1996

>My neighbor is about to install an underground "invisible fence" for 
>his pets...within 15 feet of one of my tower guys. Does anyone out 
>there have experience with interference from these things?? 

I've had one of these for 5 years.  It passes right under my guys and
under my 160 mtr sloper.  No problems at all.  These things have a
buried wire a couple of inches under the ground which is the antenna
for a low power 500 kHz transmitter.  The dog wears a receiver on its
collar which shocks him if he comes too close (variable but usually
5 feet or so).  I'm listening on 500 kHz as I write this and, although
I can hear the carrier, it doesn't budge my s-meter.

Works fine for the dog, doesn't interfere with my radio and my radio
doesn't interfere with it.  Highly recommended for a large yard with

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>From U9556982 at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK (Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN)  Mon May 27 17:20:55 1996
From: U9556982 at Queens-Belfast.AC.UK (Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN) (Gerard Lynch - GI0RTN)
Date: Mon, 27 May 96 12:20:55 EDT
Subject: Contesting is dieing
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K1KI wrote:

W7NI notes:

>>The main reason there are no kids in contesting today is because there are
>>no kids in contesting today.  Kids like to do what their friends like to do.
>>Kids want to earn the respect and admiration of their peers.  Their peers
>>don't do radio contesting.  A kid that does spend time doing it is clearly
>>an "odd-ball" that likes to play games with old fogies that are one or two
>>generations older than he is.  This will clearly not earn him the respect of
>>his peers.
>When I got my license as a kid (14) I was an odd-ball (many would say I 
>haven't changed much).  There was no social status to being a ham, it was 
>just the opposite - but it was a way for a geek to talk to people as a peer. 
>Good stuff for a shy kid.  I suspect not much has really changed.

I was the same when I got my licence.  One of the main reasons that
I am no longer a 'shy kid' (geek maybe, but not a shy kid AT ALL) is
because I gained confidence dealing with an older peer group which
gave me confidence dealing with my own.

As for contesting being an old man's game, well most new-ish
contesters I konw are young or middle aged, whereas most new hams,
at least over here, seem to be older.  It isn't attracting young
people intocontesting that's the problem. it's attracting them into
ham radio in the first place.

Gerard GI0RTN

CW is not the past it's the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>From norf at (Rob Snieder PA3ERC)  Mon May 27 18:38:15 1996
From: norf at (Rob Snieder PA3ERC) (Rob Snieder PA3ERC)
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 13:38:15 -0400
Subject: WPX disaster
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Hi Steve, yes you are right, just use your normal callsign!
We could use PI40COM as well but it doesn't work. A nice prefix yes! but 
no strange (double) numbers.

73 Rob

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