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Tue May 28 09:15:20 EDT 1996

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>Guys...  Maybe these companies should also understand that most people 
>cannot afford $2000 to $4000 for a rig.  The cost of equipment is getting 
>out of site that affordability is an issue. 

I strongly doubt it.... It seems the only thing that IWood, KenCom, or YaHoo
has to do is to dream up a new way to further distort the audio, add 23 more
knobs, hike the price a $1000, and they have another best seller.... with all
of the ham mags tripping over themselves with free advertising.... uhh,
sorry.... with Product Reviews... that all boil down to: this is the best rig
in the entire history of amateur radio, so Buy Now!!!  (before they come out
next week, with an even newer model, with even worse audio, for even more


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