40-2CD on 17 meters

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Tue May 28 21:46:08 EDT 1996

Works like a bandit for us...have 1300 Q's in two years from V26DX on the 2
el 40....
SWR was decent, too.... Was definitly directional and was told I was LOUD
into europe.....but V2 is LOUD everywhere ($-> 
How's that for a highly sophisticated antenna report? 
Pls QSL V26DX via KK3S

P.S. If anyone needs V2 on some strange band/mode, please let us know....We
are an adventuresome bunch and will try ANYTHING once and will have more time
this year coz all the towers and antenna's are up...unless our esteemed host
has bartered away the goodies or the hurricaines get us.. Keep ur fingers
crossed :-)

>From george at epix.net (AA3JU)  Wed May 29 02:09:18 1996
From: george at epix.net (AA3JU) (AA3JU)
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 21:09:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: The Contest Quad
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Over the weekend I put up my Cubex Tri Band (10-15-20) 2 el quad.  This is
to be phase one of a possible 2 quad antenna array.

As soon as I fed 1500 watts into it the matching transformer which allowed
for a single feed line gave up the ghost.  It is supposed to be able to
handle 1500 watts but I have seen that sort of claim before.

OK now for my question I can now feed this antenna with seperate lines into
a switch box (Homebrew)utilizing 1/4 wave stubs for the matching section


I could use another matching transformer (Comercial or Home brew) 

I would like to use the single feed line into the shack.

What would you do?  Why?  If you select the Transformer method do you know
of a resource for building such a device?  I have Jerry Sevicks book but am
not sure what to select from it.

This is going to be my high band contest antenna system.  I have a gem quad
that I plan on using with it at some point.  It has similar properties to
the Cubex.

Thanks for your time

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>From km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P)  Wed May 29 02:21:38 1996
From: km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P) (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 21:21:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 1000MP
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At 08:42 PM 5/28/96 -0400, you wrote:
>vy nice showing....especially considering the length of your call! You liked
>the 'MP RX - tell the readers of the reflector (or just me) more, pse.


This was my first use of the MP in a contest.  I can say for sure that I
doubt the RX is any better than the Omni-6 on CW.  I can also say for sure
that RX is the only place the two radios are on the same playing field.  The
MP is clearly the better radio.  

The biggest thing I noticed this weekend was the fatigue factor.  Operating
40M this weekend on an IC-765 or 761 would have been torchor.  The MP
incorporates DSP on the front panel.  I pretty much leave it engaged the
entire time I operate.  There are many times you feel like the RX is dead,
but actually it's just the DSP taking out the HISS you hear on other radios.
Back to 40M... Normaly after operating the low bands on a noisy weekend I
end up popping some Tylenol to take care of the ripping headache I get from
trying to listen to one noisey band in one ear and another radio in the
other ear.  I didn't get that headache this weekend.  I believe it was the
radio.  Yes, you still get static crashes and you can't copy through them.
But the radio takes away the constant abuse you get on "normal" radios.  Now
maybe you can get this with an external DSP box... The last one I tried was
not anywhere close to the DSP in this radio.  One last note on the DSP...
This weekend was full of copying signals at or in the noise level on 20M.
The DSP tends to peak up those signals to level where you can copy them
easier.  Again subtracting from the fatigue factor.

Like I said before... I'll own another or an IC775DSP before this fall.
This radio is solid.  I had no "weird" things happen this weekend while
interfacing with the computer like with the Omni-6.  It didn't need to be
reset, etc... It just worked... which is what I expect from a radio.



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>From phuber at CapAccess.org (Peter L. Huber)  Wed May 29 02:33:37 1996
From: phuber at CapAccess.org (Peter L. Huber) (Peter L. Huber)
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 21:33:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contest Rental Site
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On Mon, 27 May 1996 K4FJ at aol.com wrote:

> The 8P9Z contest site is available for rent.  Check the K3ZR Home Page for
> details:
> http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/k3zr/rental.html
> or send an email to K4FJ at AOL.COM
If ur having a problem bringing the page up, try .HTM and not .HTML

73 es cu fm 8P land.....


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