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Fri Nov 1 04:56:43 EST 1996

The ARRL has a nice section on ARRL contests on their web page.  It includes 
some of the information K1ZX provided, and a lot more, including the full 
set of rules.

	Try visiting -->

			73 Tom

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>From 0002104829 at (RONALD KLEIN)  Fri Nov  1 04:49:00 1996
From: 0002104829 at (RONALD KLEIN) (RONALD KLEIN)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 23:49 EST
Subject: Fwd: Help-Hy Gain Hy Tower
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> Date: Thursday, 31-Oct-96 12:22 AM
> From: Jim Reid                 \ Internet:    (jreid at
> From: Jim Reid                 \ Internet:    (jreid at
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> Subject: Help-Hy Gain Hy Tower
> Suggested to me as optimum 2nd ant for use as dual vertical polarized rcv and
> trx for 1000D rig. But what is it?  can find no info other than price on web
> or in usual ham mags.  Any one using one and VERY happy with same?
> Will, as usual summarize,  etc.  and thanks to responders.
> 73,  Jim,  and still, AH6NB (really am looking forward to my new vanity KH7T
> CW call, when ever the FCC gets around to issuing same!) 
> Of course,  that was my first choice.  really a great CW  contest call,  if
> only it comes to me!  Decided against  KH7DX as first choice,  in spite of
> lots of suggestions  saying that was best choice.  Wish I lived on Kure
> instead  of Kauai,  as others out here with AH7 calls have already  been
> accused of being pirates during CW QSOs;  as Spock  would have said, 
> "Fascinating!"

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I have a pair of the hytowers which I use as a 2 element phased array on 75 &
40. They perform well in this configuration. Of course, they don't touch a 3
element KLM at K0RF a few miles from me, but they do ok.

As a standalone vertical they are relatively broadband and efficient.

Try signing on to the Hygain web page and see what they have in the way of
information. That URL is:

If that doesn't help, leave them a note and ask them to send you info. They
respond quickly from my recent experience.

73, Ron - W0OSK

>From bier at (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7)  Fri Nov  1 05:25:28 1996
From: bier at (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7) (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 21:25:28 -0800
Subject: dupe/no dupe - Part II
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>Do you make a note of the Q and "massage" the
>log after, just forget it, or log the contact
>as a current contact (after all, he did hear
>you, hi) and hope for the best?

This one's easier than the first question.  If he's not in your log already,
and he won't work you, you haven't worked him.  Period.  He's not in your
log.  Keep spinnin' the dial.

I'd probably still try him again later in the contest, especially if you run
across him and he's in a dry spell.  At that point you might be able to get
him to tell you when he thinks you worked and plead your case.  If he
doesn't go for it, you're no worse off and you haven't probably busted up
his rates.

Good questions, Tom.

vy 73 de kb(0ebh/7 -- but not for much longer)
Kevin Bier, KB0EBH/7 (/KH6, ZF2SD, /8P6 in WPX CW 1997!)
Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A.
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>From desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith)  Fri Nov  1 06:46:00 1996
From: desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith) (Doug Smith)
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 00:46:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: First ARRL and CQWW Contests?
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At 12:52 AM 10/31/96 EST, you wrote:
>>>Most of you might be older than me (I am 28 years-old) and 
>>>I am curious to know when the first CQWW and the first ARRL 
>>>Contests happened?
>>>At that time they already had SSB and CW? Or AM and CW? 

I'm kinda surprised nobody's answered the original question yet -- but then
again, could it be nobody knows the answer?<G>..

I have the exact numbers buried in various CQ and QST articles which I'll
never find.  I believe the CQWW was first held in 1939.  It was, of course,
suspended during World War 2, and then resurrected in 1947.  The ARRL DX
Contest is considerably older.  (in fact, I *believe* it was the very first
ham contest ever held, dating back to the late 1920's)

At least in the USA, spark transmission was illegal by the time the ARRL
contest was started - everyone used CW.  However, SSB really didn't replace
AM until the 1960's.  I would imagine if you chose to use full-carrier DSB
AM in the CQWW SSB contest today, your log would be accepted.  (however, it
would probably contain no QSOs<G>!)

73 Doug

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>From desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith)  Fri Nov  1 06:46:06 1996
From: desmith at Telalink.Net (Doug Smith) (Doug Smith)
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 00:46:06 -0600 (CST)
Subject: CQP 1997 dates?
Message-ID: <199611010646.AAA09037 at>

Anyone out there who can tell me when the 1997 California QSO Party will be?

(we intend the Tennessee QSO Party to happen the previous weekend..)  What's
the standard formula? -- is it always the first full weekend of October?

73 Doug

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