True North in one sentence

Bill Hider n3rr at
Sat Nov 2 00:58:15 EST 1996

Hans Brakob wrote:
> Bill Hider wrote:
> >
> > Your tower (or any other object on your property) will cast a shadow
> > TRUE North at the time of day that is exactly half way between local
> > sunrise and local sunset.
> My friend VK3AQI refuses to believe me when I tell him that.  ;-)
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
> --
>   The ultimate Law:
>      All general statements are false.
> --
Hans, In VK-Land, the shadow will still point North (but extend from the
tower to the South). hihihi


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Subject: Vanity calls - when can you use them?
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Back in the 60's when I got my novice ticket,
the Little Print Shop sent me QSL Samples with
my WN0ALF on it 3 weeks before the license showed
up.  Good enough for me!

Joe K0BX

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