Win95 Boot Modification

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Sat Nov 2 00:19:31 EST 1996

Someone's Web page had a concise description of how to modify
Win95 to boot first to DOS, (Win95 DOS 7) then allow you the choice
of entering Win95 or not.  In other words, it gives you the chance at
boot to NOT enter the Win95 GUI, which is done if you type "WIN."
I thought I saw it on the YCCC homepage, but for some reason that page
is not accessible tonight.  Can someone point me to the source of this
info, or mail me a copy of the summary?  This is in preparation for the
SS Contest, of course.  Thanks in advance.

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You will find Logs, fun photos etc of our operation this year during the
CQWW SSB contest on our Web page.  Hope you enjoy the pages.  Please
send you comments via the guest book once complete or to me directly at
ve9dx at  Thanks to all who helped us with points.  You can be
assured we will be on for the CW weekend also as VE9DH.  Hopefully we
will have better conditions to Asia and maybe a better opening on 10.
You will note our score is 13.3 plus million points.  Couldn't quite get
to our old Canadian record of just over 15 million for Multi/Multi.

Thanks again all... Andy VE9DX

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