CQWW & 7 MHz - A Suggestion

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<< Why not put them (digital) between 7040 and 7050 and move SSB up? >>

I don't think this would get a very positive response from the Qrpers (7040)
or from the digital gang. The Rtty, amtor, pactor and packet people are
already fighting amongst themselves for the space between 7075 - 7095.

73 de Dave, N0IT

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>The old argument that "this is his game and he can do what he wants"
doesn't get

Well, It IS his game.  Let him operate, legally, as he see fit.  If he wants
last two then give him last too.  If he wants call areas then...   We are
required to sign our full call every 10 minutes or at the end of
transmission.  If it is inefficient, then so be it.
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Subject: First WW, SS, ARRL DX
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OK...just to whet your appetites:


First WW was sponsored by Radio magazine in 1939. Two weekends, with phone 
and cw mixed together.

1940 Contest cancelled due to WW2 starting up. 

CQ Magazine started in 1945. First post-war WW contest was in 1948. WInners were
phone : PY2AC world, W8KML u.s.
CW:  GI6TK world, W4KFC U.S.


FIrst running in January (!) 1930. Two weekslong, max operating time 90 hours.
W1ADWE won. It was cw only. Ah, the good old days...

First sweep made by W6ITH (who is still active) in 1936. He had to work both
Northern and SOuthern Minnesota sections, as well as "Utah-Wyoming" and
"Philippines" (!!) to get the sweep. 

IN the first SS, the exchange was a full- formatted message text. It was later
shortened to just the "preamble" of a message, with a date (op's birthday) and
time (atcual time of the QSO). THese were later dropped. This weekend as you
struggle with the long exchange, remember it used to be worse.


FIrst early version was held in May of 1927. Exchange was a message text (8-
word minimum). US-to-DX messages counted 1 point, DX-to-US messages counted
3 points.

COntest was two weeks long. US winner was "2AHM" (we didn't have K, N, or W
in 1927). DX winner was "3AG" from Chile.

More interesting was the second "International Relay Party" in 1928. Entrants
had to pre-register, and were assigned their exchange messages by ARRL. Three
pages of prizes were offered - total value of all the prizes was over $4000.
For comparison, a 1-year QST subscription cost $2.50 then.

First WAE was 1955 First WPX was 1957 (SSB); 1979 (CW).

More - lots more -  in the 1997 CQ Amateur Radio Almanac.

Read about QSO quotas, the year the ARRL used a world-works-world format in the
DX contest, and the evolution of this sport we call contesting.

And find out wh now holds the all-time contest rate records, phone and CW.


Doug K1DG
Editor, CQ Amateur Radio Almanac

p.s. Credit is due to Assistant Editor Charlie Morrison, WZ1R, who compiled
the all-time score record listings. Work himthis weekend in SS as W2PV.

p.p.s. I promise I won't flog the Almanac any more. Trey - your complimentary
copy will be on the way for the use of the bandwidth.

p.p.p.s. sorry for the typos...especially the first WW winner, who was W1ADW.
Oops. I meant the first SS winner. ONly 2 W1s have ever won SS CW (the other was
W1EZ in 1936) and NO W1 has ever won phone SS. Ever.

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