David Robbins ky1h at berkshire.net
Fri Nov 1 22:43:36 EST 1996

Jim McCook wrote:
> FW2OI.  Additionally, he would occasionally stack up a group of his "last two"
> collection and run down his "list." It was beyond belief how anyone actually
> operating a contest on any level could show such a degree of ignorance.

we should all be happy to just be able to work the multiplier. 
about operating technique should be discussed in private with the
not blasted world wide, or he may not come back next time!

ky1h at berkshire.net   or   robbins at berkshire.net

>From w2up at voicenet.com (Barry Kutner)  Fri Nov  1 00:45:39 1996
From: w2up at voicenet.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 00:45:39 +0000
Subject: The unthinkable
Message-ID: <199611010048.TAA18405 at mail3.voicenet.com>

In the last week I did two unthinkable things:

1. When called by a KJ7 during the contest, I answered him and gave 
him an exchange.

2. Today, I received his QSL, with a computer label, plus a 
handwritten note "I hope you did well in the contest." Guess what? 
I'm going to reply to his QSL! (he did include SASE)

73 Barry
Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at voicenet.com
Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at w2up.wells.com

>From kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)  Fri Nov  1 01:21:02 1996
From: kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart) (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 20:21:02 -0500
Subject: MP interface needs CT v9.27!
Message-ID: <199611010121.UAA28392 at cais.cais.com>

...then the only remaining bug is the CLARifier frequency translation is
WAY off...so make sure you Zero it before spotting.

73, Tyler KF3P

>From kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)  Fri Nov  1 01:21:00 1996
From: kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart) (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 20:21:00 -0500
Subject: There's a reason for software updates!
Message-ID: <199611010121.UAA28388 at cais.cais.com>

I'm really getting tired of reading messages from people who complain about
not being able to interface this or that....and then state that they are
using an old version of software!


Save yourself and everyone else here a lot of time and aggravation and make
sure you are using the latest software version of whatever contest software
you choose...BEFORE you start complaining!

Subscribe to the appropriate reflector for your software and watch for 
announcements on updates....then download them!

Of course, always save the old version in case of new bugs...

73, Tyler KF3P/V26TS

>From wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner)  Fri Nov  1 01:48:48 1996
From: wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 01:48:48 GMT
Subject: Vanity calls - when can you use them?
Message-ID: <327c563e.4504872 at mail.eskimo.com>

If you, like me, are downloading the FCC vanity database every day, =
probably wondered when you can start using your new call.  Is it when you=
your old and new call in the file, or do you have to wait till you have =
paper in your hand?  I've looked through part 97 and this doesn't seem to=
covered.  Anyone know?

73, Bill W7LZP
wrt at eskimo.com

>From km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P)  Fri Nov  1 02:00:28 1996
From: km9p at contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P) (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 21:00:28 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rate Sheets Please!
Message-ID: <199611010200.VAA03169 at paris.akorn.net>

Please send me your rate sheets from CQWW SSB and SS CW.  It's really a
great resource for others for next year's event.


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>From 0006008716 at mcimail.com (Doug Grant)  Fri Nov  1 02:35:00 1996
From: 0006008716 at mcimail.com (Doug Grant) (Doug Grant)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 21:35 EST
Subject: First CQWW, etc.
Message-ID: <73961101023537/0006008716DC3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Several people mentioned our book as a reference, and that they did.

IF you are interested in the history of the major contests, we researched
the histories, and compiled the only listing available of every winner
of every category in every year since the beginning of the sport. This includes
the CQWW (including pre-WW2 "Radio" magazine WOrldewide DX contest); the WPX;
the ARRL DX contest; the ARRL SS (for domestic guys - ever wonder why they
call all sections a "clean sweep"? it's in there...); the WAEDC; and the

As K3WW so predictably pointed out, there are a few bugs in the 1996 edition.

THe 1997 edition goes to the printer in a few days, and I hope we fixed all
the bugs (but doubt it).

Tell your frustrated family members who can't figure out what to get you for
Christmas to call CQ and order one.

Yes, this is a blatant plug. Yes, I am affiliated with the book (this is an
understatement). It is not my main source of income (whew!). I am only 
shamelessly promoting it here because I believe it is the best source of the info that
has recently been sought by newcomers to the CQ-Contest List, and a lot of
contesters seem to like it a lot. And CQ doesn't advertise it nearly enough
(in my opinion).


CQWW from KC1XX was a blast. His station is *real* loud on 15. IT was my first time
ever to use: a) a stack of 6 4-element yagis; and b) a Yagi at 200 feet on 15.

With these conditions, I did not feel that the high antenna ever worked better
in any direction on any path than the 4 el at 85 feet.

THe stack, onthe other hand is a killer. I had a 180 hour, and things were jsut
heating up when some EC4 opened up just below me and absolutely refused to move.
He was too lodu to work through, and did not seem to mind that he was not working
anyone. It wsa enough to hassle me. Lost the freq, lost the rate.

Can't wait til CW>

Did not work: JA/zone 25; UA9 (or any Z 17, 18, or 19); a whole bunch of easy
Zone 8 stuff.

Congratulations to K5ZD for finally winning single-op. He finally figured out
the magic formula: wait for a year when K1AR doesn't operate, and only operate
34 hours (like K1AR usually does when he beats Randy...).

ANd everyone make sure you hassle John next time you hear him - not operating
ended his 5-in-a-row winning streak.


Doug  K1DG

>From ac1o at gate.net (Walter Deemer)  Fri Nov  1 02:47:07 1996
From: ac1o at gate.net (Walter Deemer) (Walter Deemer)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 21:47:07 -0500
Subject: Force12 vs KLM vs Hygain vs
Message-ID: < at pop.gate.net>

At 06:53 PM 10/31/96, K7LXC at aol.com, in response to the following inquiry:

>>I will setup an antenna system in a few month`s, so i would like to 
>>receive as much as possible info and comments.
>>I have an 80 Foot Tower and would like to setup an antenna system for the
>>following bands 10,12,15,18,20, (40) meter.  


>    I have written and presented at several conventions (including Dayton
>Contest Forum) a paper called "Building A One Tower Station" that addresses
>these antenna questions as well as a couple of others.  Send me your postal
>address and I'll send you a copy.
>    BTW, no where in my paper do I recommend Mosley antennas.

Darn -- and here I am stuck with a Mosley PRO-96 (up 80 feet) for my 40-10
meter "antenna farm".

Does this mean I have to return the two plaques I won in this year's ARRL DX

73, Walt, AC1O
WWW: http://www.4w.com/deemer; amateur radio, news, weather & financial info. 

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