Rookie of the Year - SS Plaques

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Fri Nov 1 21:29:00 EST 1996

VE4GV puts his money where his mouth is and Announces:

******* Sweepstakes Rookie of the Year Award********

Better late than never.
Looks like my idea for a Rookie of the Year Award has received 
ZERO publicity by the ARRL. AArrgh !! No write up in QST either !

( Thanks Billy :-(  ) I'll bet the ARRL cashed my money order for 
the hundred bucks, tho. 

Anyway, I've sponsored one plaque for each mode. This is how it 

*******Rookie of the Year Award********

Rookie defined : Licensed in the last 2 years. eg/ stations 
eligible for this year's award will have been licensed either in 
1995 or 1996. 
(Those with lapsed licenses/relicense, please think twice before 
applying. This award is mean to encourage "first timers or 
newbies" to SS)  

Exchange: Rookie stations MUST use their correct CK year to 
identify them as a Rookie during the contest. We need to know who 
they are.

example : Club stations with experienced ops may NOT "import" a 
rookie's year of license to their call to squeeze into this 
category. However Rookies are encouraged to find a club station 
to try to operate from a club. They may use the club call but 
must sign their true rookie CK year. The idea is to prevent 
experienced ops from "using" a rookie call to enter this 

Category : A power ONLY. No exceptions. Single op (Unassisted). 
Sorry folks, no smoke allowed.

Mode: One plaque award for each mode
      (see below)

Scoring: Highest score wins. In the case of a tie, station with 
most mults wins. If still tied, hell, I'll pay for another 
plaque. We should be so lucky !!! 

Log submission: Standard log submission rules apply.
( See ARRL format)

Rookie of the Year award can be won only ONCE by a station in a 
mode in a two year period. You may win in both years in alternate 
ie/ KF6ABC can win PHONE plaque in 96 AND CW plaque in 96 but not 
PHONE plaque in 96 AND 97.

Winner will be contacted by the ARRL and be asked to VERIFY their 
year of licensure by sending a copy or Faxing a copy of their 
license to the ARRL contest desk. (NO, I don't want this to be 
extra work for Billy Lunt, so lets keep it honest.)

I hope I haven't left anything out. Further info can be received 
by emailing me : rkaufman at

Look for me in SS. I'll be looking for all the rookies !

"Everybody needs at least one MB QSO"

Please compensate us poor VEs for living up here. We've already 
got permanent SNOW !


PS Is it possible to get a GOOD SS writeup in QST this year ? It 
sure would help participation.

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