Something Screwy or is it me??

N3ADL at N3ADL at
Sat Nov 2 07:27:07 EST 1996

Hi Gang!

I'm not one to bitch and moan but this one is tweaking me pretty good so I
lay it out here in this forum and let the masses decide if I'm missing

This is in no way disrespectful of any station mentioned as I know how hard
you work to assemble a fine station and staff it with the best OPs you can

OK, here's the glitch....consider the following

IN CQ we have the "North America" CQ Phone winner of last year Bob, N2RM
This year it seems to be KC1XX and his crew...
Nice Plaque to both stations for thier accomplishments over the last two

We smoked both Stations mentioned above both years by double.
We get a rather mundane looking certificate #1 Antigua/#2 World
At least we hope we get the certificate :-)

It seems to me that if we are in North America for the contest then WE should
have gotten both plaques as they are now posted.

Perhaps a different catagory should be in for the North America
CONTINENT which should have been won by VE9DH and his crew (I think)
and one for the Carribean North America.  OR..

Perhaps a change in the configuration to put the Caribbean in Zone 9 so we
can compete with the 3 pointers....

All I know is that something is wrong with the present system and it needs to
be fixed. Comments welcome!

                                                         Fraternally yours,
                                                         Doug // V26DX //

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