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    If I am not mistaken the CQ WW WPX contest has a World M/M 
plaque, A North America M/M plaque and a USA M/M plaque. We won 
the world M/M plaque 2 years ago. Last year it looks like we 
were barely beat out of it by 9A1A so we now get the North 
America plaque and the next M/M who would have gotten the M/M 
North America plaque will now get the USA M/M plaque who I 
believe to be WZ1R. It makes sense to me. I don't understand why 
CQWW DX wouldn't work the same way. You are right. Something is 
hokey with the way they are doing it. North America should 
include ALL North America. If a USA station beats a Caribbean 
station then he should get the N/A plaque. If the Caribbean N/A 
countries compete as N/A and have to suffer with the 2 pointers 
then they should compete for the N/A M/M plaques.

               73 Ken KP4XS
On Sat, 2 Nov 1996, N3ADL at wrote:
>Hi Gang!
>I'm not one to bitch and moan but this one is tweaking me 
pretty good so I
>lay it out here in this forum and let the masses decide if I'm 
>This is in no way disrespectful of any station mentioned as I 
know how hard
>you work to assemble a fine station and staff it with the best 
OPs you can
>OK, here's the glitch....consider the following
>IN CQ we have the "North America" CQ Phone winner of last year 
Bob, N2RM
>This year it seems to be KC1XX and his crew...
>Nice Plaque to both stations for thier accomplishments over the 
last two
>We smoked both Stations mentioned above both years by double.
>We get a rather mundane looking certificate #1 Antigua/#2 World
>At least we hope we get the certificate :-)
>It seems to me that if we are in North America for the contest 
then WE should
>have gotten both plaques as they are now posted.
>Perhaps a different catagory should be in for the 
North America
>CONTINENT which should have been won by VE9DH and his crew (I 
>and one for the Carribean North America.  OR..
>Perhaps a change in the configuration to put the Caribbean in 
Zone 9 so we
>can compete with the 3 pointers....
>All I know is that something is wrong with the present system 
and it needs to
>be fixed. Comments welcome!
Fraternally yours,
>                                                         Doug 
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Subject: FW: Rookie of the Year - SS Plaques
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> PS Is it possible to get a GOOD SS writeup in QST this year ? It=20
> sure would help participation.

Hmmm... I have done the SS writeup for the past 3 years (and will be =
doing it again this year).  By your comment I assume you have not been =
satisfied...but I don't recall receiving any suggestions or comments =
from you!

Then again, maybe you are just refering the rules announcement, eh?

I can say there will likely be no mention of VE4 scores in the SS =
writeup this year, but the rest of you are encouraged to send me any =
anecdotes or other suggestions on things that should be included in the =
Sweepstakes write-up.


Randy, K5ZD

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