CQWW N/A Plaques Part 2

ramirezk at emi.com ramirezk at emi.com
Sat Nov 2 09:41:09 EST 1996

    Well I and maybe others were misled, by N3ADL's post, to 
believe that the CQWW North America plaque was not being offered 
to stations in the N/A portion of the Caribbean. Well I checked 
last years results and see that N2RM was awarded the M/M plaque 
for USA not North America Doug! It is not a matter of an 
injustice or something being wrong. Antigua is NOT in the United 
States. There is an easy fix to your dilemna. Why don't you or 
the FRC sponsor a M/M multiop plaque for North America? This is 
the ONLY issue at hand here. It's just a matter of sponsorship. 
Besides, when all is said and done, the best memories of these 
Carribean trips are the rum and cokes,the seafood outings, the 
sightseeing, the gathering of friends who haven't seen each 
other in a year, etc.
 How much of those 48 hours on the air do you talk about after 
each trip? It's much more fun for all of us to talk about KF3P's 
first encounter with octopus or the look on AA6KX's face after 
downing the last few ounces of rum, or S55OO being chased by a 
pissed off cow, or watching K3JT enjoy his first dunk in the 
crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, or musing at K3NA as he 
donned his Pith helmet in the airports. (Yes, a PITH Helmet!) We 
could care less about that Piece of wood. Yeah, its nice to win 
but I'd rather see that as a possible fringe benefit during a 
fun filled week on an island!  Sponsor a plaque! You can always 
win it back each year.   73 Ken KP4XS Cabo Rojo Contest Club  

Ops  have included- K1RZ,KF3P,W2EOS,K3NA,KP4XS,AA6KX,K3JT,S55OO,
WD8ISK,ND3F and will include many others in the future.

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